Sunday, March 4, 2007

The world's largest collection of links that anyone can edit.

Chainki is the world's biggest collection of links that anyone can edit.

Key features of Chainki:

* non-profit website
* open to all editors - anyone can edit the links - the website uses MediaWiki, the same wiki software as Wikipedia
* open content - anyone can have a copy of the data

This site is a collection of website links, based on the world's biggest collection of website links, but which anybody can edit.

If you have a website, then this is sure to be your first question.

The simple answer is, you do it yourself by clicking on the edit tab at the top of the page where it belongs.

Some pointers:

1. Try and find the best place to put it, by either using the "search" field on the left, or by going through from the Main Page down to the best category for it. If it is your site and you put it in the wrong place, it will probably just get removed - if YOU can't be bothered to find out the right place for your site, why should anyone else?.
2. Try and find if it already exists on the site. See the page on searching for help in that.
3. Please, if you can link back to this site from your site. Seems fair eh? And besides, the more popular this site becomes, the more easily people will be able to find your site.
4. Note that most of the pages are in alphabetical order (though I admit there are many that aren't), so please try and respect the order
5. The help gives an example of editing a site page
6. Don't spam by putting your site on a page which you think is more popular! Put the site on the page which it most belongs. Abusing sites may be removed completely!

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