Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Create your own “mash-ups” by bringing your favorite social network pages to your blog or personal page.

Spinlets run inside a webpage, they allow anyone to create their own website "mash-ups" by embedding content from one site into another site. Spinlets are completely based on browser technologies — HTML, Flash, etc. It’s not a desktop widget, like the ones provided by Apple and Yahoo.

What makes a Spinlet different?
"Cut and Paste" - Spinlets are easy for anyone to use. Just cut and past your Spinlet anywhere on the Web.
Portable - Spinlets work around you. They are flexible enough to use anywhere in your online world.
Customizable - Spinlets let you express yourself. Change colors, layout and text to match your online personality.
No Download - Spinlets are safe. Because you do not download Spinlets, you never risk installing spyware, adware or viruses.
Free - Spinlets are always free to create, use and customize.

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