Saturday, June 30, 2007 : a video sharing site focused on hot button issues, a video sharing site focused on hot button issues is set to launch in the US. Previously the site has been focused on UK users, who upload videos commenting on controversial topics like global warming, immigration, and the war in Iraq. also reaches out to cause-oriented organizations such as Stop the War Coalition to use the service to distribute information about their focus issues.

While users can always just upload the same videos to YouTube, caters to the controversial by offering up a dozen issue-oriented channels, such as Politics, Local Issues, and Environment. They also take a page from the YouTube playbook and feature “Hot Debates” (those with lots of plays) and “Fresh Debates” (the most recently uploaded). launched its beta in March.

European 3G version of the iPhone will be launched.


A European 3G version of the iPhone will be launched Monday in the UK on Vodafone, T-Mobile Germany, and virtual network operator Carphone Warehouse. Shipment of the device, which hit stores in the US today, is expected by the end of the year.

The iPhone has faced some criticism in the US for only being available on AT&T, whose network is not highly regarded for its high speed capabilities. iPhone, with its heavy focus on multimedia, is designed to work best on faster networks. Thus, the European strategy is a sharp contrast, offering multiple carriers and taking advantage of the higher quality data network enjoyed by those across the pond.

The American version of the iPhone utilizes 2G technology.

ost.123Flickr :a newly launched slide show creator

Host.123Flickr is a newly launched slide show creator that generates a hosted solution from your Flickr URL. This company is not affiliated with Flickr in any way.

This service is from the same folks that brought us 123Flickr, and both sites offer the same general service. With Host.123Flickr, it looks like all of a user’s galleries are pulled in order to create several slide shows, whereas 123Flickr only pulls the most recent. This new release has a clean interface and pretty cool Flash implementation, though there’s no way to click through images in their full size. You’ll have to return to the thumbnails view to see the next image. Unlike the original 123Flickr, the new release does not offer the embed code for the gallery to be exported elsewhere.

Friday, June 29, 2007

myWdot : a new social network that lets you create the type of online presence.

myWdot is a new social network that is looking to let you create the type of online presence most people are going for with their existing communities.

You get five pages for your profile, and each page is fully customizable. Insert photos, videos, text, slide shows, and profile information, among other modules. You also have the choice for which kind of profile you’d like: artist, musician, etc. In this sense, myWdot is essentially enabling you to create your own website. While you can do some nifty things for your personal site creation, the goal of making it easier than customizing your MySpace profile hasn’t quite been achieved.

TVTonic : an on demand Internet television service.

TVTonic is an on demand Internet television service that comes in the form of downloadable channels that you can watch at any time.

You can select from TVTonic’s 250+ channels for content you’d like to see, which is pulling programs from video podcasts, music videos, AP news, cartoons and more. You’ll need to download this service, and the channels you select are automatically updated, like a feed. The videos are downloaded, though, so you can watch them anytime, on or offline. You can specify the parameters for the amount of content you’d like automatically downloaded, to save space, and you can connect TVTonic to your television set using the Media Center PC or Xbox 360.

Plug-in that gives Apple TV users access to the Jaman library

Jaman, the YouTube for filmmakers, has launched a plug-in that gives Apple TV users access to the Jaman library of movies and shorts for rentals.

This cross-platform application gives you more options for programming that’s been optimized for HD televisions. Once the Jaman plug-in is installed, it will appear as a menu option along with other media choices for music, pictures and television, which currently includes YouTube as well. Jaman content will auto-sync with your Apple TV and you can rent the movie of your choice. Rentals expire after 7 days. The only catch is that you may need a bit of technical knowledge in order to actually modify your Apple TV to work with Jaman’s high-def content.

In addition, Jaman is in talks with other Internet TV device companies to expand its distribution options for those looking for set-top boxes in order to view online content on their televisions.

International community for college students and business professionals.

iHipo is an International community for college students and business professionals looking for networking opportunities.

There are two different types of profiles available for iHipo: business profiles and professional profiles. As a business you can post jobs and utilize iHipo’s user database to search for new talent. As a professional, you can search for jobs and others in your industry. The profile options leave a lot be be desired, though the community forums are laid out in a more practical manner. You can search for jobs on a global map or by tag word, though there aren’t enough ways to filter out your search, and every time your search is modified, the global map reloads, slowing down your search overall.

Google Answers to Make Return.

Google Answers, Google’s Q&A service that was killed off after being decisively beaten by Yahoo Answers (in terms of traffic, at least), has been relaunched in Russia. An entry on Google’s Russian blog says that Russia is the first to get the new service, leaving open the possibility that an English version could return. A rough Babelfish translation:

Today we start the beta version of “questions and answers”. This is the new service Google, where it is possible to pose complex question on the theme interesting for you and to obtain answer from other users, and still it is possible to earn marks, answering strange questions…We are especially glad to report that Russia - first in the world country, where we start this service; she is not thus far accessible even to English-language users….Answering different questions, you collect marks and you gradually become expert in one or other region or another.

Baeble Music : the online site for finding professional videos of live concerts.

Baeble Music, the online site for finding professional videos of live concerts, is partnering with online video site Babelgum to syndicate its catalog of live music performances.

Babelgum will stream several selections from Baeble’s music library, which currently has over 70 videos of live concert footage for up and coming indie band across a handful of genres (indie-rock, pop and heavy metal). This is a good way for Baeble to get its content out and spread further. It’s niche service is still appealing to enough people across the board for it to be able to leverage a deal with Babelgum in order to improve its distribution channels. This is also an interesting move for Babelgum, which has spent a lot of time garnering relationships with other media companies for the provision of premium content through its service.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Feedster is Back in Green.

Feedster is an established and rapidly growing pioneer in RSS-based technology and services. The company helps individuals and organizations harness the rich information available in the universe of RSS feeds, which includes blogs, traditional news services, e-commerce sites, and entertainment properties. Feedster's widgets enable individuals and web publishers to aggregate dynamically-updated content (text, audio, video) that can be customized for their own site visitors. Solutions include customized platform creation, editorial provisions and metrics monitoring. Custom solutions include:

* Dynamic delivery of relevant and timely syndicated content
* Commercial search and notification services
* Integration with existing ad servers and ad targeting
* Online behavior monitoring and reporting

Feedster was founded in March 2003 and is headquartered in the SOMA district of lovely San Francisco, California. : a visual search engine,. is the first true visual search engine, where the contents of photos are used to search and retrieve similar items.

We believe that there are literally millions of items that are difficult to describe via text-based search and where individual tastes are all over the map -- think of your favorite pair of earrings or shoes and what an ordeal it can be to find something new but in a similar style.

We created to solve the challenge of finding "the perfect you" for a broad range of aesthetic and soft goods. utilizes our Likeness Technology™ to create a digital signature that describes the photo's contents and enables a more accurate search for similar looking items and products.
Our initial launch focuses on handbags, jewelry, shoes, and watches - allowing users to search and purchase items from thousands of leading and boutique brands. We will very quickly add clothing and a number of other aesthetically oriented product categories. is a collection of wine reviews and wine ratings from certified wine critics around the world. is a collection of wine reviews and wine ratings from certified wine critics around the world. We attempt to catalog every review and rating available for the wines in our database. These reviews and ratings are then calculated into an overall score, The Nirvino Rating, for each wine. In addition Nirvino provides relevant information on appellations, grapes, vineyards, vintages, winemakers, wineries, wine stores, and other terroir.

What is the Nirvino Rating?
The Nirvino Rating is a representation of whether wine critics overall liked or disliked a particular wine. A wine is considered GOOD when 60% or more of the reviews for a wine are positive and BAD when lower than 60% are positive. To calculate whether an individual review is positive or not, each type of wine scoring system is taken into account:

Who are certified wine critics?
Certified wine critics are individuals or oganizations accredited by the wine industry or with the experience and number of reviews necessary to meet our guidelines. Please contact us for more information on our critic guidelines. To synopsize, the Nirvino Rating is calculated from an experienced and unbiased set of wine critics.

What are some of the other features at Nirvino?
- There are over 4802 wines and 469 reviews in our database.
- Detailed information on each wine from alcohol content to winemaker's notes.
- Standardized naming convention and label graphics for each wine.
- Google search of all our wines and other information.
- Browse for wines in our db by rating, price, region (appellation), grape (varietal), winery, winemaker, vintage, vineyard, and wine stores
- Ability to sort wines by rating, price, winery, title, and vintage.
- Wine critics pages with review and ratings history plus biographical information.
- Information on how often critics agree with each other.
- Detailed information on thousands of wineries, regions (appellations), vintages, grapes (varietals), winemakers, wine stores, and other terroir.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Receive your latest twitter-replies automatically by e-mail

When you give us your Twitter credentials we supply you with a TwitterMail email address. For instance If you send an email to that address it will be posted to


World's largest amateur and/or independent reporters community with a commercial goal

Scooplive aims at creating the world's largest amateur and/or independent reporters community with a commercial goal, thanks to an easy to use and transparent system, and a commission rate much more important than traditional agencies.

Scooplive was created in 2006 in Paris, France, by three founders with a common passion for information and a complementary experience to offer the best service.Scooplive was born thanks to the alchemy of these three experiences crossed: a convergence point which leads to an easy relationship between people and media.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Auctionpay : helps nonprofits to automate event fundraising

Auctionpay is dedicated to helping nonprofits automate and improve benefit event fundraising. Auctionpay's solutions help local, regional and national nonprofit organizations and schools create better donor experiences, while saving organizations time and money.

Auctionpay offers a complete event fundraising solution that includes event management software, an online registration and donation service, and on-site payment processing the day of the event. Products and services are available separately or as an integrated solution.

Dooniz is a new way to help the world with the power of Internet.

Dooniz is a new way to help the world with the power of Internet.
Dooniz goal is to redistribute a part of the money made on Internet to charity foundations. Who can make it happen? You. You can make a difference by using dooniz to search the net or to shop online.

A simple click can help children in difficulty or bring more money to cancer or climatic changes researches... On this website, you can search the web for anything, shop for goods, for travel or for online music. You can even sign up for a new credit card or a new cell phone plan... everything is possible.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ziki is the best place to promote yourself

Ziki, the digital life-aggregator, has finally released its latest release, incorporating more ways to centralize your personal information from around the web, and is also building up a bit of a community around its own service.

With Ziki Version 2, your search queries will turn up results from Ziki as well as the web, offering a broader view of what’s going on with a particular person. Similar to Wink, you can now get information about others without them having to create a Ziki profile first. Ziki results will show on top, and if the person you’re looking for doesn’t yet have a Ziki profile, there is the option of creating one. The benefits of having a free, “official” profile on Ziki is that you’ll get a bit higher on search engine results, such as Google.



Tubes™ is your personal social networking application.

Tubes™ is your personal social networking application. Tubes instantly creates private sharing spaces for home, work, school and play. Simply Create, Invite, and Share your stuff!
Tubes creates personal private 'spaces' for your friends, family, colleagues, teams, communities or just yourself, across your various PCs and devices, empowering you to manage your digital life. With Tubes, you can now easily share and distribute your digital content with everyone you know


Social design is a subset of design that focuses on the social lives of users. It deals with the activities, behaviors, and motivations of people who work and play together through software interfaces.

In the early days of the Web, most sites were read-only, focused on providing information to a single person at a time. Then the Web became read/write, allowing people to save information but still mostly for them acting alone. Now, we're seeing a tremendous amount of social software that allows many people to collaborate and share what they're doing with others. Designing for this social world is social design. and that's what Joshua Porter, a web designer/developer, researcher, and writer is expaining.

Bokardo is the blog of Joshua Porter,

Reporters Without Borders : produces handbook for bloggers

Blogs get people excited. Or else they disturb and worry them. Some people distrust them. Others see them as the vanguard of a new information revolution. Because they allow and encourage ordinary people to speak up, they’re tremendous tools of freedom of expression.

Bloggers are often the only real journalists in countries where the mainstream media is censored or under pressure. Only they provide independent news, at the risk of displeasing the government and sometimes courting arrest.

Reporters Without Borders has produced this handbook to help them, with handy tips and technical advice on how to to remain anonymous and to get round censorship, by choosing the most suitable method for each situation. It also explains how to set up and make the most of a blog, to publicise it (getting it picked up efficiently by search-engines) and to establish its credibility through observing basic ethical and journalistic principles.

Pdf, 1,6 Mo

Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents
Printer friendly Pdf,

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Zimoz : a website that allows you to create Web2.0 style postcards and publish them as a blog, or send them by email.

Zimoz is a website that allows you to create Web2.0 style postcards and publish them as a blog, or send them by email. The idea is based on the concept that ‘everyone likes to get a postcard‘. Hence you can tell your story or discuss issues in a format, that is the electronic equivalent of postcards.

You can add images, videos, clipart et al to it and thereby add another dimension to that storytelling. Check out these postcard samples- they certainly do justice to the concept.

PayByCash™ provides services to customers playing Games Online,

Internet Payment Solutions, Inc. (“PayByCash™”) has been empowering non-credit-card customers and the Internet businesses that want to reach these customers since April, 1998. In that time, PayByCash™ has established relationships with Electronic Arts, Sony Online Entertainment, Mythic Entertainment, and some of the largest subscription game providers in the world.

PayByCash™ provides services to customers playing Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Runescape, Ragnarok Online, Everquest, Everquest II, Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, and many others.

Internet Payment Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that merchant adoption of PayByCash™ services is nearly frictionless and that our customer support is unmatched in the payments industry.

PayByCash™ offers the only service where customers paying without a credit card bring merchants GREATER margins than credit card customers! Most merchants pay no transaction fees to PayByCash™, and PayByCash™ handles the account management and customer service for customers paying via PayByCash.

Beaming textbooks across Africa

Growing up in Africa, Matthew Herren saw that many children in cash-strapped rural schools have to make do with textbooks that are decades out of date. Inspired to find a low-cost solution to the problem, he hit on the idea of using satellites to transmit up-to-date educational materials. He aims to establish the technology not through programs run by traditional aid organizations but through a series of self-sustaining businesses.

"We figured there had to be a way for technology to lower the cost" of providing books and other materials to children, Herren says (see "Development Powered by Education"). Herren, who is Swiss, turned to one-way satellite radio transmission because Internet access is unlikely to reach much of the African interior anytime soon. In a test last year, a Swiss foundation called BioVision installed a satellite receiver in a grade school in Mbita Point, Kenya, on the shores of Lake Victoria. The receiver downloaded textbooks onto its hard drive. The information was then transferred to handheld computers rigged with simple Linux-based software for book viewing. Sixty students received current classroom materials.

Herren is now trying to implement his scheme on a grander scale. Working with Bridgeworks, a venture capital firm in Z├╝rich, he has already raised most of the $650,000 needed for seed money. With that capital, Herren hopes to launch a network of businesses across Africa that will sell and service the satellite receivers and handheld PCs. A country's education ministry would hire one of these companies to provide and maintain its educational-download system--and slash the per-pupil cost of providing classroom materials by more than 20 percent.

If delivering educational materials by satellite works as hoped, the basic system could be used to provide remote villages with health and agricultural information. Herren notes that in many villages that lack even roads, all paths literally lead to schools.

--David Talbot

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Online community for homeowners.

HomeStars is an online community for homeowners seeking the latest, hard-hitting reviews on renovators, retailers & repairmen.Read reviews, or write your own.Homeowners are already sharing some of their experiences.


MoMB : a site dedicated to listing webbased applications on a beta trip.

The MoMB means Museum of Modern Betas,The MoMB is a site dedicated to listing webbased applications on a beta trip.This site is in early alpha, I still need to figure a few things out.


Webvideo Made Easy

V.UP is a high-end and affordable solution for the uploading, management, and publishing of video on the Internet. With V.UP, you control the branding, programming and distribution of your video and rich media content. With V.UP, browsing and viewing web video is a lasting experience. Using standard web technologies, V.UP successfully delivers on-demand video to your audiences without delay or interrupted signals. : an on-line timesheet exchange for individuals and teams" is a member-based, on-line timesheet exchange for individuals and teams who are required to submit, route, approve and collect project time-tracking details. is focused on improving business performance by providing a single application that can serve multiple organizational affiliations and back-office applications simultaneously.

Their approach of providing a "generic" or "one-to-many" timesheet application uniquely resolves two business inefficiencies - redundant time entry and re-keying of data. After all, it is not uncommon today to find project teams that consist of workers from both inside (employees) and outside (contractors) the organization.

It is also not uncommon to have various functions within an organization that require the same data be reported (HR, accounting, project management). The old answer was a timesheet application for each organization or departmental application. The new answer is

Friday, June 22, 2007

bikespace : a online community for cyclists. is an online social network for cyclists. We have recently just released an alpha version of our site; it is free to all, and offers some serious tools. Some of our current features:

-User profiles with bio, photographs, and a section to show off your gear
-Map, store, and share your favorite riding routes with other cyclists
-Create a friend list, and send out invitations for rides. You can make your rides public (all riders in your area) or private (only people you spcifically invite)
-Form groups of riders, post news and pics, and send ride invitations to your group is just getting started, and we are asking cyclists to check it out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We are hoping to have an official beta release by the end of the year, and look forward to meeting you online, as well as on the road.

StreamBase Systems: a leader in the fast-growing complex event processing (CEP) market

StreamBase Systems, a leader in the fast-growing complex event processing (CEP) market, has pioneered a remarkable new approach to processing and analyzing real-time streaming data. Founded by data management experts who have been driving industry innovation for decades and backed by top-tier investor firms, StreamBase has developed a new class of stream processing software. Global organizations are witnessing StreamBase's high performance coupled with intuitive graphical development, eliminating costly, inflexible custom-coding.

Create a Website Now

infogami lets anyone build good-looking, easily-editable web sites. One-click editing lets you fix typos instantly. With customizable templates your site looks just the way you want it to. Detailed graphs let you see how many people are visiting your site and many more.


Show Where You're At

Comwat members create their own meta profile including links to all of their other community and network profiles, blogs or homepages. When they enter a webpage by using one of those links, all friends or all Comwat members or the whole world will know where they can be found at that moment.


Corporate branding services in Africa

TANGAZA.BIZ is a technology consultant providing world-class services, customer interaction in varied application areas and focused on BPO & Knowledge industry. TANGAZA.BIZ assists in the identification and development of business opportunities in the emerging BPO & Knowledge Services markets.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free Image Hosting

PHOTOlinko provides free image and photo hosting. Upload any image from your computer and get instant html linking codes for your images. You can share your images with friends, post them on blogs, forums, social networking sites like myspace, tagworld, friendster and more. Create your online photo albums and slideshows.


searchforvideo : Find video you want. is a leading video search engine that indexes online video clips from over 10,000 sources. do not host or stream online video, we index rich meta data about video clips and provide direct links to video clips around the web. works with over 100 brand name video content providers,If you are interested in featuring your video content on, you can submit your video RSS feed. Alternatively, if you do not have a video RSS feed, you can submit information about your contact.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Moodmill : a social mood management website.

MoodMill is a social mood management website. It's a personal mood management, a log, a quick 'n easy website for managing and sharing your short logs with your contacts.

Create a Logo for your own Web 2.0 Homepage

Logo Creatr creates a attractive Logo for your own Web 2.0 Homepage in no time at all.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Add your favorite internet-services to Second Brain and synchronize content with your library.

Create Personal Libraries from your Favorite Services on the Web
Second Brain allows you to create private or public libraries and collections from your favorite services on the Web such as: Flickr,, Youtube, Picasa web, GoogleDocs, Blue dot and Zoho. Also, you can upload your documents and files to your library and share them as well. (you'll get 1 GB of free storage to start with)

Find friends and WiFi locations worldwide.

WeFi makes it easy for you to find and connect to WiFi networks. With WeFi, each user contributes to the rest of the community by using the client and discovering more networks around. All this is reported to a centralized server and shared seamlessly among all users, resulting in easy connection. With WeFi software you can also map your favorite hotspots, find your friends, share your WiFi with other WeFi members and do many other cool things.