Monday, April 30, 2007

Free hosting of PDF files / forms.

PDFescape Express was created for the free hosting of PDF files / forms which contain PDF form fields. If you need to add PDF form fields to your file, please try PDFtypewriter, their desktop PDF software which can enable you to create PDF forms from any printable Windows file, or PDFescape which is a full PDF web application which can also be used to create PDF forms.

PDFescape Express will then host forms created by these products (any other PDF form creation products such as Adobe Acrobat Professional), enabling your customers to fill out and save your PDF form without needing any software besides a web browser and Adobe Reader.

Sunday, April 29, 2007 : a video syndication service that enables publishers to monetize their audiences.

Sanaga is a video syndication service.

Content owners can post a video about any subject and publishers can syndicate the video using our API. Also, Sanaga enables both the content owners and publishers to monetize their audience. For each batch of 1,000 video ads watched by users, the owner of the content associated to these 1,000 video ads will receive US$3 and the publisher whose site has generated these 1,000 video ads will receive US$1.

In order to publish a video and distribute it through our network of publishers, content owners have to register. Registration and use are completely free.

Comments can be rated, so that the most useful comments are visible to content owners and other publishers. If you need a comment, register to its RSS feed of comments, and just wait until your news aggregator pops out with an comment.

ebase : a Web-based community CRM

ebase is designed for nonprofit executives, fundraisers, activist organizers, database administrators and technology consultants.

How can ebase help you?
Nonprofit Executives

* Enables you to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of campaigns
* Provides a comprehensive view of members, donors, volunteers, activists, funders and clients in one integrated database.
* Organizes your staff's work with "to do" lists for each user
* Helps keep track of your most mobile supporters by capturing multiple addresses, phone numbers and email addresses
* Makes it easy to integrate traditional constituency communications with online strategies, using ebase's built-in email and web services

Fundraisers and Activists

* Creates response reports for your donor and activist solicitations
* Creates personalized email and sends it directly from ebase
* Saves time through automatic processing of email lists: subscriptions and unsubscribes, bounce processing
* DonateNow contributions are added automatically using the email processing functions.
* Creates customizable letters and reports integrated with MS Word and Excel
* Tracks data about your supporters to identify those you can move up the ladder of engagement with your organization

Database Administrators

* Ensures confidentiality of data with individual passwords, customizable interfaces and security access for different staff roles
* Imports data from common file formats
* Performs duplicate-checking during data entry
* Provides built-in multi-user capabilities (requires FileMaker Pro 5 or better and FileMaker Server software)

Trainers, Consultants, Database Developers

* Offers open-source license and extensible data structure for customizing ebase for the unique needs of your clients
* Offers opportunities for collaboration in curriculum and module development
* Is an excellent tool for implementing recommendations on fundraising and organizing strategies

A FREE collectors site.

CollectorsCentral is FREE collection site, and this site is run by collectors just like you.

There are some decent sites and resources targeting collectors available, but nothing really well done. To get all the features most serious colectors want, they'll need find a way to organize their collection, buy price guides, continually monitior eBay lisitngs, join some cookie cutter message board, and/or post some HTML on a web page. CollectorsCentral is here to change this, and make it easy for you.

Create software and deliver that software as a service with no added effort.

Apprenda envisions a world where developers that create software and deliver that software as a service with no added effort. The transition to SaaS need not add complication or overhead.

Their revolutionary SaaS platform will give independent software vendors a business and technological foundation to build, deploy, and monetize their service-oriented applications for on-demand use without technological lock-in. Through Apprenda's platform, software vendors will build powerful SaaS business models with maximal flexibility. This leaves developers with one job: to build on-demand software that meets customers’ needs without worrying about the difficulties of on-demand delivery.

A New Social Photo Bookmarking Site.

Glowfoto is a completely free way to host images for use on message boards, auction sites, social networking sites -- pretty much anywhere you need to host images. But Glowfoto is more than that. You can use Glowfoto to create photo albums and share them with friends. We are constantly adding new ways for you to share your images.

Anyone who doesn't have their own website or webspace who needs to share photos on another site needs Glowfoto™. Typically, if you want to include an image with an auction listing, message board post, or other use, you would upload your photo (typically over ftp), figure out the URL to the image, create the HTML code or BBCode necessary to display the image on the site, and paste it in.

Yfly: Delivering the ultimate platform for social entertainment. focuses on delivering the ultimate platform for social entertainment. The company , co-founded by Nick Lachey, Drew Levin and Danny Perkins, is more than just updating profiles and viewing friend's pictures.

YFly is all about providing fun ways to interact with friends: this includes Smack Talk (which is pretty humorous and is already being used extensively so please check it out); unique video/music sharing; flirts/slaps and much more.

In addition, YFly members can authentically connect directly with Certified Celebrity profiles and access exclusive celebrity content.

Online Poll Directory: Create, Vote, Share, Add to Your Site

Twiigs is an online poll directory that lets user create, vote, and share their polls. You can add any poll you see on the site directly to your own website or blog. We provide a Javascript Widget which lets your readers vote and view results without ever leaving your site. And the next time they view the poll, whether it's on your site, their site, or John P. Blogger's site, the results will appear automatically.

The advantages of sharing polls is that you end up with a larger sample, and hopefully, more interesting results. But if you don't feel like sharing your poll with the world, you can always set it to private, so that only people you decide to share it with will find it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Get the Complete Picture - Compare Site Traffic Graphs.

Use the AttentionMeter Bookmarklet to triangulate traffic graphs from Alexa, Compete, and Quantcast of any website you're browsing. Firefox and Safari users, simply drag this link: Triangulate Traffic Stats up to your Bookmarks toolbar.

A safe and friendly environment where singles can meet.

DateLincoln was established in Aug of 2004, their Goal at DateLincoln is to offer a safe and friendly environment where singles can meet, whether it is online or at a Starters Party hosted by DateLincoln, DateLincoln is dedicated to offering Affordable and Reliable services to Lincoln and Lincolns surrounding Communities

search engine that can find songs by acoustic similarity.

Audiobaba is a next generation music search engine that allows you to find songs by acoustic similarity. Until now, there was no easy to way to browse for new music.

Audiobaba lets you tell it what kind of music you like and returns results that sound like it but are in fact different. Because deep down we just want more of the stuff we already like.



Sign up and get your digits. Grin fiendishly because the number is PRIVATE. Spammers don't know it. Your mom doesn't know it. Be stoked because it's FREE.

Record a clever greeting for callers and give your number to hotties, potential employers, billionaires with their own amusement park and pet chimp, etc.

Hotties, employers, and the billionaire's chimp call you, hear your clever greeting, and leave you even cleverer voicemails. You get a text or email alert.

Listen to your messages on any phone or Internet browser anywhere in the world. Hit up the hotties and employers. Shine on the freaks and geeks.

Store up to 10,000 voicemails and email them to friends, embed them on your Myspace page, mash them up with Gangsta rap, whatever.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Your Internet Television Community.

goGOOROO is a user-generated online guide for broadband channels and videos. Think of it as your personal Internet TV guide that helps you navigate the vast ocean of online television.

Unlike traditional program guides, you, the user, are the driving force behind this new service.
Every visitor can submit, review and rate channels and videos with the goGOOROO team; if you decide to log in and start a profile, you even gain access to other cool functions like creating your own personal channel line-up and e-mailing it to friends.

When adding a new channel or video, your user name will be forever credited as the source for this particular channel’s discovery if you’re signed in as a GoGOOROO user.

Next-generation web experience focused on making life easier for millions of travelers.

Yapta is very different from other travel sites. It is not hooked up directly to airlines’ systems (as Expedia and Oribitz are), nor is it essentially a search engine for low fares like Farecast. Instead, they’re using some of the ideas behind and bookmarking to create a potentially compelling new way for people to search for cheap flights.

CastTV Will Revolutionize Video Search

CastTV is going to give you the best way to find all your online videos, from TV shows to movies to the latest celebrity, sports, news, and viral videos. They'll take you to those videos, wherever they are.

CastTV will be launching an invitation-only beta service in May.

Mobile video company is mobilizing all web entertainment.

mywaves is the mobile video company that is mobilizing all web entertainment, broadcasting thousands of channels of personalized video content to mobile phones worldwide.

They don't believe mobile video offerings should frustrate consumers with inflexible scheduled programming, fees and limited choice. That's too much like traditional TV. Instead, we offer a different approach: web-style freedom to allow consumers to discover and choose from thousands of video channels, whether its professional programming, user-generated content or personal videos. With mywaves, you personalize your own mobile video line-up and we blast it out to your mobile phones to enjoy anytime, anywhere. And, best of all, They 're free.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How to make Microsoft Windows faster.

A quick tutorial that shows you how to make Microsoft Windows faster.

Online community where busy people can quickly find Assistants to complete their chores. is an online community where busy people can quickly find Assistants to complete their chores.

The Assistants you’ll find on are individuals and businesses located near you who compete by bidding to run your errands. This bidding system ensures that you find the best people to do your stuff at the lowest price.

The tasks you post can range from the mundane, such as mowing the lawn or picking up dry cleaning, to the extraordinary, such as arranging dinner with a celebrity or chartering a private jet. Don’t limit yourself. Post anything you need done, and get back to living your life!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Get and share free wikis with friends.

wikis is an easy to use and versatile tool that allows you to share information and collaborate among friends and family, coworkers, members of a club, researchers, teachers and students, and just about any group. With, people can create, edit, share, store and search documents, emails, images and files on the same workspace anytime they like.

Share directly to your friends - wherever they are - with just one click.

ShareThis products are reshaping the way people interact with each other online and across their mobile devices by providing a quick new way to share digital stuff - including photos, videos, text, Web pages and music - in one simple step.

Steps to use ShareThis:

1. Mash Facebook, AIM, MySpace and email contacts into one list.
2. See a cool video, picture, or webpage? ShareThis!
3. Send directly to anyone on your mashed list or post to your profile.

The first web platform thats helps you plan, play and progress in every area of life is the first web platform for self-exploration and wellness based in part on the work of a Master Olympic Coach. InpowrTM harnesses the power of gobal social media and the web 2.0 spectrum to help users plan, play and progress in every area of life.

inpowr is based on widely accepted theories of developmental psychology, more specifically, on the concepts of genetic psychology and dynamic metacognition.

Genetic psychology is a cognitive science that studies a person’s real and
perceived experiences, as opposed to environmental factors. Metacognitive
studies focus on the possibility of exploring consciousness by actively
reflecting on one’s experiences.

Business Process Management... Made Easy.

Skemma is a 100% on demand BPM software (Business Process Management Tool) that allows companies to improve their overall performance by automating communications between internal areas, clients, vendors and existing systems.

How does skemma work?

search & research
Browse the repository and import to your account the workflows that best fit your company's needs. Just with one click they will be available for you to adjust, improve and use!

Model your business
Fine-tuning the imported workflows or creating new ones you will be able to model your organization's behavior. With skemma's graphical modeling interface is very easy to do it and no IT knowledge is needed.

Use it
Make your organization start using the Tool. Everything is self-explanatory and very easy to use so no training for your team, clients and vendors is needed.

Monitor & improve
Using skemma monitor, reports and alert system you can easily observe the behavior of your company and take actions to constantly improve your overall organization's performance.

New way of storytelling to people all over the world.

Panraven was founded in June 2005 to offer rich new ways for people to capture, express, and share their life experiences through words, pictures, audio and video...richly and and in print.

Panraven unique story-telling service is built to serve as you life memory bank – with a sleek interface, revolutionary design options, public content, rich collaboration, and sharing both online and in printed books. Panraven also partners with leading tour operators and cruiselines to bring a co-branded and highly-customized online journaling experience to their travelers.

YouSendIt lets users send and receive files of all sizes.

YouSendIt lets businesses, professionals, and consumers send and receive files of all sizes. If you know how to use email, you can easily use the YouSendIt service. YouSendIt currently has over four million registered users across 220 countries and over 20,000 paid subscribers. More than 500 million files have been transferred using the service and YouSendIt is transferring over 30,000 gigabytes daily.

Reinvents the Way We Share and Interpret Dreams with

Dreamcrowd is most certainly one of the most unique online communities in the world. It is based on the dreams that we have, what they mean, and what others think about them.

Our lives are driven by our dreams, both the ones that we have in our sleep and the ones that we envision while we're awake. Whether you've dreamt of a plan for world peace or that you had wings and could fly, you should share it!

You might be surprised what the community has to say about it.

The Dreamcrowd site provides a means to:

Post dreamlogs to the Dreamcrowd site;
Intepret common dream themes using our Dreamopedia; and
See what others have to say.

Best of all, the dreamcrowd service is absolutely free.

Monday, April 23, 2007

introducing the concept of connected travel.

PairUp is about empowering the business traveler to reinvent his/her business trip by introducing the concept of connected travel, allowing businesspeople for the first time to easily share travel plans and instantly search for potential business connections at their next tripp
destination or industry event – across companies and across booking engines.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Place to save, share and discover your favorite content in an organized and highly flexible way.

RawSugar is a place to save, share and discover your favorite content in an organized and highly flexible way. You can use RawSugar to Bookmark, Share and Tag your favorite content:

You can save and tag content (any URL) to your account in RawSugar. You can access your bookmarks anywhere in the world with just a web browser and an internet connection. You can share your bookmarks or keep them private.Organize your Bookmarks in Hierarchies


Organize your content in flexible hierarchies. You can keep track of your friend's bookmarks or bookmarks of someone with similar interests like you.
Finding and discovering information: