Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Business Process Management... Made Easy.

Skemma is a 100% on demand BPM software (Business Process Management Tool) that allows companies to improve their overall performance by automating communications between internal areas, clients, vendors and existing systems.

How does skemma work?

search & research
Browse the repository and import to your account the workflows that best fit your company's needs. Just with one click they will be available for you to adjust, improve and use!

Model your business
Fine-tuning the imported workflows or creating new ones you will be able to model your organization's behavior. With skemma's graphical modeling interface is very easy to do it and no IT knowledge is needed.

Use it
Make your organization start using the Tool. Everything is self-explanatory and very easy to use so no training for your team, clients and vendors is needed.

Monitor & improve
Using skemma monitor, reports and alert system you can easily observe the behavior of your company and take actions to constantly improve your overall organization's performance.

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