Thursday, May 31, 2007

Industry standards compliant Semantic Web Query Service

Zitgist (pronounced "zeitgeist") is an industry standards compliant Semantic Web Query Service. Its goal is to help Web users locate data, information, and knowledge on the Web.

Zitgist is based on a new search paradigm: users describe characteristics of their search target, instead of relying entirely on content keywords.


A disposable to do list, similar to a whiteboard or a piece of paper.

Ever wonder why a simple tasks list on a piece of paper or a whiteboard works better than any tasks management tool. Is it the hassle of getting the tasks into the tool, or the lack of priority visualization? Whatever the reason is, attempts to solve the problem by offering a simple yet powerful tool that is easy to use and offers priority visualization by color and size.

WorkHack Features.
A pop-up version called miniWorkHack.
Visualize tasks by color and size.
Prioritize tasks as high, medium or low.
Hide/Show done tasks.
Change/Save tasks order.
RSS feed to the tasks group.
XML export to the tasks group.


Have you ever wanted to convert files without the need to download software ?

Zamzar is a new Web 2.0 site that just launched offering free online file conversion for documents, videos, images and music. It supports hundreds of formats, whether you're converting PDF to DOC or AAC to MP3. You can upload up to 5 files simultaneously and up to 100MB of data. Overall a really useful tool for anyone needing to convert files in a hurry.

zamzar's mission is to provide high quality file conversion.for as many file formats as possible"

They are intent on bringing order to your filesystem by offering you a one stop solution for all your file conversion needs. Like others we were fed up with having files in all sorts of formats, and no easy way of converting between them - the quest to find a better way led to the birth of Zamzar



Wednesday, May 30, 2007 offers you a way to create your flowchart online. offers you a way to create your flowchart online. No software install. No downloads. No Plugins required. Just sign up and start creating your flowchart. has an easy to use interface, so you can be up and running in seconds!You can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time when creating your flowchart. All collaborating parties can chat and design a flowchart at the same time. Features:

* Easy to use Interface.
* No plugins required.
* Works with popular browsers.
* Drawing Tools (Lines, Arrows, B├ęzier curves)
* Objects (Flowchart objects, clipart)
* Realtime online collaboration between multiple users with different browsers.
* Save your Flowchart as a PDF or PNG formats.
* Upload your original clipart and use it in your Flowchart, or Share them with the community, or Sell them.


Rouxbe: a Step-by-Step Video Cooking Instruction Site.

Rouxbe (roo-bee) delivers a revolutionary online instructional cooking experience that walks you step-by-step through each delicious recipe. It's like having a private cooking school in your home, with a professional chef at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cooking will never be the same again.



Place you can discover your everyday world, your way.

EveryScape is the only place you can discover your everyday world, your way. Today, you can check out Union Square, San Francisco as the first city to be scaped. You can check out restaurants, hotels, go shopping, drive by homes. You can see what other people are saying and share your comments as you stroll down the street. Click on the link to the right to vote for the next CityScape — it could be yours.


Screencast-o-Matic Brings Screencast Creation To The Web Browser.

Screencast-o-Matic from Big Nerd Software brings the creation of screencasts to the web browser.

Screencast-o-Matic records audio and screen activity through the use of a Java applet. The result can then be displayed on the site or exported to Quicktime.

There are various screencast software applications, both free and paid that deliver similar functionality however Screencast-o-Matic is the first I’ve seen that is strictly browser based and by nature works across various platforms.

As a service it’s easy to use. A frame is displayed that can be moved over the appropriate window for capture. Mouse movements can be tracked by a red dot and recording is a simple as hitting a button.

It feels a little clunky, visually it won’t win any beauty awards and the display options are limited. There is no obvious embedding code provided and integration that would support direct uploading of screencasts to YouTube or similar video hosting sites is also lacking.

Issues aside, for casual users Screencast-o-Matic is a handy tool that is bound to be copied by others in the future.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007 Fresh New RSS Reader on the block.

FeedGhost is an RSS reader for Windows ? clearly there's a lot of those out there, so what's special about thiers?

- A fresh, modern look, with a slick reading experience. Read in either "river-of-news" mode or an Outlook-style "list" mode.
- Tagging of articles or web-pages for later reading.
- Share articles with others in your own link-blogs and embeddable gadgets. Create as many categorized link-blogs as you like.
- Instant search for articles over your entire reading history.
- Seamless synchronization across multiple computers.


Post your resume, win prizes while searching for job opportunities.

Job Search Easy is an on-line job site and search engine that connects people with great jobs accross the country from the major employment of websites.

Job Search's vision to the employment market is to refreshing. With Job Search Easy, job seekers can access not only freely millions of employments opportunities, but have a chance to win prizes like an IPod, movie tickets, cash and much more.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Inveneo Launches Partner Program for IT Entrepreneurs in Africa

Inveneo, a non-profit social enterprise, announced plans to formalize and scale its Inveneo Certified ICT Partner (ICIP) program. This is a program to recruit, train, certify and support in-country Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals with the goal of improving availability, affordability, and local support levels for ICTs in remote and rural communities in the developing world.

Inveneo is able to launch this program and rollout in East Africa due to the support from 50x15, a global initiative founded by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) to enable 50 percent of the world’s population with affordable Internet access and computing capability by the year 2015.


Simple and Free desktop application for browsing, email, chat, SMS from Kenya.

A group of Kenyan developers have been working for a couple of years to develop an all-in-one solution for email, sms, chat, browsing, etc called Jahazi. It’s a client-side application that you have to download, which means it will be housed on your computer. However, the data is all stored on their servers though, not on your computer - which means as long as you find a computer with Jahazi on it - or you carry it on a USB stick/drive - then you can access your information.


3D virtual cityscape, providing users a way to explore cities.

UpNext is in closed beta, but it sounds like it could be very cool. According to Mashable, it provides “a 3D virtual cityscape, providing users a way to explore cities. UpNext will offer ways to search visually online to find out what’s going on in their city, or cities, on a local level.” Very cool, very metaversal, very 3pointD.

If you have any questions please contact them at


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Web service that offers a complete video communication is the first web service that offers a complete video communication
center threw your web browser with the ability to customize with graphics,
swf and html your space.

with rec2mail service you can record and publish video directly from your
browser you can customize your space in few clicks to add some advertising
to your video message you can videochat with three of your network no matter their system (MAC PC )or location.


A job site that matches the best candidates with the best jobs!

TalentSpring works because we align the interests of job seekers with companies that have jobs to fill. You're only interested in certain jobs - ones that pay more or offer a bigger challenge. Companies want to find the best possible candidate for any given position - maybe that's you


Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Search Engine for Advertising Media.

Balihoo is a media search engine that provides media buyers and planners the ability to:

* Find advertising opportunities best-suited for a given advertising campaign across all media types
* Save target lists and organize contact information and media details
* Connect directly with media owners and other media buyers


Friday, May 25, 2007

Broadcast your own TV Show.

blogTV allows you to:

Broadcast your own live shows, just plug in your webcam and Start Broadcasting
Record and archive your shows,press record at any time during your show and it will automatically be stored in your show page.
Chat with your viewers, it is the perfect way to get live feedback during your shows.
Co-host live shows, split a show with a friend or invite an audience member to co-host with you.
Share you shows,send shows to friends, post shows to blogs, send email alerts and RSS feeds.
Manage your shows, organize your shows once they are recorded. You can change your show title, write a description, insert a logo/picture and add tags so everyone can find you.
Watch live shows, discover something new.



Create Interactive Website Tours In Minutes.

Create tours that interact with your visitors browser by creating area highlights, emulating cursor movements, and even help by filling in forms. Demofuse picks up where conventional quicktime and flash tutorials fail.


Create Free Games for Myspace and your Blog.

Pictogame was launched in 2007 by zSlide's co-founder Bruno Carsenti.It is a unique place to create mini-games based on your digital pictures.In a few clicks, Pictogame enables you to make your own game widgets and share them easily by email, on your blog, on your MySpace profile, or on any social network..


* It allows you to: enhance blog readers experience with something new and fun,
* entertain your friends,
* grow your audience and popularity.
* ... and much more!

Pictogame is the first user generated games community built upon catchy interactive widgets.It provides users with a new way to express themselves and to communicate with fun.Pictogame is aimed at the widest audience as it is super-simple, super-social and super-customizable.

It is an easy, free and fun service empowering everyone to become the game creators of tomorrow.


A Clean way to Search

Sputtr is a refreshingly clean way to search the things that matter the most.
Now you can save valuable time by having all the right searches on just one page!

It's simple - reeeaal simple.
It's fast - faster than most others out there.
It's a collection of all your favorite search engines - all on just one page!
It's pretty - at least we think so.


Easily create, manage, and search an unlimited number of contacts, export to vcards, even share contacts with any email address.

Keepm is a free, simple contact organization tool. Gone are the days of business cards piling up and sticky notes on your desk, Keepm makes everyone you know searchable, shareable, and always accessible.

Easily create, manage, and search an unlimited number of contacts, export to vcards, even share contacts with any email address. On the run? Seamlessly download and view your contacts on your phone, laptop, or iPod. Best of all, it's FREE!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

the easiest way to create rich, Web 2.0 forms using just a browser.

Live Forms Designer leverages Ajax technologies to easily create rich, dynamic, Web 2.0 forms using just a browser. These forms work with real business applications and provide a rich user experience far beyond typical web forms. No installation is required since the designer runs completely in your existing browser.

Whether you're building powerful web applications for working with databases or XML or you need a simple registration form, Live Forms makes it easy. You can literally create and deploy a professional form in 30 minutes.

You can build forms just by adding controls directly in your browser. Nothing needs to be installed on your computer. Once you build and save the form, frevvo will automatically generate the back end representation, scripts and everything else you need to quickly and easily collect the data you need.

Capture and discover Life with like minded people. has been created by the team at, a private limited company based in the United Kingdom.Born of the desire to help people use the internet to enhance and inspire thier lives, seeks to enable members to discover new Life InfluencesTM and to make Genuine ConnectionsTM with like minded people.

The FindLikeMinds community are like minded individuals who share life influences. Creating an influence DNA profile, members form genuine connections not by who they know but by what’s influenced them.


Site dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies.

Techmambo is a site dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies.In addition to this, we also profile existing companies that are working hard to make products/services more usable for the rest of us. Techmambo is edited by Gerald Shuma.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Send a fax for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

FaxZero lets you send a fax to any fax machine in the United States (including Puerto Rico) or Canada for free. You don't need a fax machine yourself, but you do need a valid e-mail address.

The service is supported by advertising on the web site and on the cover pages of the free faxes you send. We have a partnership with the good folks at Metro Hi Speed, who provide us with a great deal on fax delivery.


Free file conversion service via e-mail.

KoolWire is a free file conversion service via e-mail. Users from all over the world can have their files rapidly and conveniently turned into a different file format by simply sending them as attachments to a specific e-mail address. Koolwire will take the file, convert it in seconds, and send it back to the sender. Simple as that!

No software to purchase, download and install. No time wasted in waiting for your computer to finish its conversion task. Concentrate your efforts and the resources of your PC on what really matters and let Koolwire take care of the rest.


Share your skills with friends, family and the whole world.

Sclipo is a website to share videos about everyday knowledge among everyday people. We believe that the beauty of online skill-videos is discovering the really hard to find answers to those quirky bugs that life throws at you. Sclipo makes finding them that little bit easier in the current tidal wave of online video content, but keeps the whole process dynamic, fun, and completely user generated and assessed. We hope you like Sclipo!

use Sclipo to ...
... share your skills - how-tos, tutorials, advice, tips & tricks - with friends, family and the whole world.
... learn through helpful videos just about anything, sports, software, cooking, cars, ...
... evaluate videos, to help others find the good stuff fast.
... promote your skills and make money. People can pay you for the help you provide through your videos. (You need a PayPal account to be able to receive payment).