Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Share your skills with friends, family and the whole world.

Sclipo is a website to share videos about everyday knowledge among everyday people. We believe that the beauty of online skill-videos is discovering the really hard to find answers to those quirky bugs that life throws at you. Sclipo makes finding them that little bit easier in the current tidal wave of online video content, but keeps the whole process dynamic, fun, and completely user generated and assessed. We hope you like Sclipo!

use Sclipo to ...
... share your skills - how-tos, tutorials, advice, tips & tricks - with friends, family and the whole world.
... learn through helpful videos just about anything, sports, software, cooking, cars, ...
... evaluate videos, to help others find the good stuff fast.
... promote your skills and make money. People can pay you for the help you provide through your videos. (You need a PayPal account to be able to receive payment).


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