Tuesday, February 20, 2007

xone8 : a Free social networking and dating

XOne8 introduces a new and refreshing model that breathes life into one of the Internet’s most popular platforms, the world of online dating.

In a word, welcome to freedom, genuine freedom:

· Free membership – Joining the XOne8 dating community costs absolutely nothing. Not initially. Not ever. Period. Case closed.

· Free content creation tools – We are proud to provide you with the most useful, eclectic, functional and friendly state-of-the-art content tools available on the Web today.

· Freedom of expression – Create profiles that reflect who you are and make plain who and what you seek. Make yourself accessible to scores of potential love interests, partners, dating companions and friends by uploading photos and videos, as well as general information about yourself and your interests, blogging, live messaging and more.

· Free access to thousands of potential companions – Log in as often as you want – there are no lengthy registration or authentication processes, no hype trying to get you to “upgrade to a premium package”. At Xone8.com its all gold; Simply enter your password and you’re in. Check your mail, chat online, update your profile, refine your searches, greet new members – the channels of communication are all open and they are all free and accessible.

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