Friday, August 10, 2007

M-PESA is aimed at mobile customers who do not have a bank account

M-PESA is aimed at mobile customers who do not have a bank account, typically because they do not have access to a bank or because they do not have sufficient income to justify a bank account. All they need to do is register at an authorised M-PESA Agent by providing their Safaricom mobile number and their identification card. Once registered, customers can:

* Put money into their account by depositing cash at a local Agent
* Send money to other mobile phone users by SMS instruction, even if they are not Safaricom subscribers.
* Withdraw cash at local a Agent
* Buy Safaricom airtime for themselves or other subscribers

Safaricom, the leading mobile communications provider in Kenya, is pleased to announce the launch of M-PESA, an innovative new mobile payment solution that enables customers to complete simple financial transactions by mobile phone. M-PESA has been developed by Vodafone, the world's leading mobile telecommunications group, with the pilot in Kenya operated by Safaricom.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Thursday, August 2, 2007

MySidekick : a social search engine that learns from you and gets smarter as you search.

MySidekick is a social search engine that learns from you and gets smarter as you search. We allow people to find and submit sites that are automatically tagged with terms used during the search session. These tagged sites are then anonymously shared with the mySidekick community to provide better results for all.

How it Works

When you search for stuff online, you might change your search request a few times before you finally find what you are looking for. In fact, if you're like the rest of us, you'll change your search request about three to four times during an average search. MySidekick groups these search requests together as a set of "tags" that describe the topic you and other people have researched.

They then use our special relevancy algorithms to figure out exactly which sites people liked for those tags, and promote those sites as the "People's Choice" for other mySidekick community members. When other people search for a similar topic, these tags help them more easily find what they are looking for in the People Choice's area. The end result is better search results for everyone.

Suggested Sites

Once you're signed in, you can also suggest a site that would be useful for a particular search request. If other people think your suggested site is relevant to their topic, the site will be placed higher in the results both for the tags you suggested and the tags that other people find relevant to the site.

LINK: allows you to easily keep up with what your friends are doing all over the web. allows you to easily keep up with what your friends are doing all over the web.
If you're like most people you have user accounts for multiple services on the web. You might have a account to manage your bookmarks, a account to track your diggs and maybe a account for all your videos. Wouldn't it be nice to have all of those content items in one convenient place? So when you want to share your web presence with your friends all you have to do is give them one place to look.

That's what we have attempted to create. is your one stop site to gather all your different services in one place so you or your friends can get an idea of what you find intersting on the web, all in one place.

Since pulls the information that you already have on all the other services you are already using it's a breeze to sign up. And then just keep doing what you've always been doing and as you digg, tag or upload using your favorite service, your page will update automatically.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

WikiYou : A place for Unauthorized biographies .

Unauthorized biographies have just begun with WikiYouGoogle might be working to archive all of the world's information, but WikiYou is trying to get unauthorized biographies for every person on earth.

Seems a bit out there, but nonetheless it is an intriguing experiment. WikiYou is breaking new grounds by taking the Wikipedia direction to the mainstream. You see, if you write a biography on Wikipedia, the sources have to be reliable and verifiable, leaving many regular people in the dark. But with WikiYou, regardless if sources are reliable or verifiable, biographies will get up.

Could this project turn in to a giant mess of spam? Or could it actually work out so that we can have open records and stories for everyone on earth? So far it looks like its runny smoothly with many every day people inputting biographies, and many of their friends and contacts adding to them. - Work Hard, Take Credit

Prodigious is for anyone who wants to know who is responsible for a site they like, and anyone that wants to take credit for the sites they make.

For instance, you need a website built and you have found some other sites that you think are great. You'd like to contact the agencies that made the sites to discuss your project, but don't know how to find them.
Or, you are an agency, and you make great sites. You want potential clients to be able to find you.Prodigious can help in both cases. And, it's easy! And Free!