Monday, February 5, 2007

online retail has provided a revolutionary new way to own a business

Starting a store with Flying Cart is easy and completely free. With no initial cash outlay, anyone with merchandise can start a store. All that is needed is a PayPal Business account (which is free). Transaction fees are deducted at the time of each sale, so owning the store remains free until products are selling. We believe that stores should be able to post an unlimited number of products, with no posting fees. This model truly strips away all the financial risks of owning a store.

The biggest challenge for online stores is gaining product exposure. The bottom line is that if customers do not know about the store, it doesn't matter how nice the store is. Partnering up with a variety of high-traffic shopping sites provides automatic product exposure. If a product from an online store is purchased through a third-party site, it provides a store with instant visibility. Next time the customer buys a similar product, there is a good chance they will go directly to the store site. By running these and other types of online marketing campaigns in the background, we can help to maximize product exposure and increase revenue.


Rishi said... is adding ways to increase product visibility by automatically uploading store products to product search engines like Google's Froogle.

Stay Tuned for more new features :)

Anonymous said...

Seems a little *too* on the light side? Check out Interspire Shopping Cart ( if you need a bit more beef when selling online. Lots of web 2.0 stuff, single page checkout, google maps, heaps of merchant providers, etc.