Monday, May 7, 2007

YouPorn: a pornographic version of YouTube.

Our unemployed friends tell us that the latest “Porn 2.0″ site to see unprecedented growth is YouPorn, a pornographic version of YouTube (not work safe, but no adult material on the frontpage).

We’re told that the company is growing like crazy, and frequently has trouble keeping the site up, no pun intended. Although we couldn’t source internal stats, the Alexa figures suggest that YouPorn is set to overtake its rival Pornotube in the next few days. Compete disagrees, but YouPorn claims that most of its success is in Germany and other European countries - something that won’t show up on the US-only stats from Compete.

Do we really need to tell you what it does? It’s YouTube for porn, so you can probably guess the functionality. It’s another example of the porn industry copying existing sites, rather than leading the pack as many assume. The next multi-million dollar idea for those who aren’t concerned about having an immaculate reputation? May we suggest an adult version of


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