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locate employees or family members without disturbing them.

With mapAmobile, you can locate employees or family members without disturbing them.
Request a mobile phone location using the mapAmobile website or via text / WAP if you’re on the move.

mapAmobile is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Add unlimited departments and phones and assign multiple locating phones. Find the nearest phones to a postcode. Administrators can set up automatic, periodic location reports and request alerts if a phone leaves or enters a postcode area.

Ideal for family and friends. Limited to one locating phone and ten locatable phones.

the telecoms giant, supports inclusive education in Kenya with a grant of £20,000 per year.

Safaricom, the telecoms giant, supports inclusive education in Kenya with a grant of £20,000 per year.
There are over 10,000 irreversibly blind children in Kenya, a small fraction of whom receive an education. Safaricom supports the inclusion of those children who are blind into mainstream schools. A mainstream school provides a blind child with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for life. Mixing and playing with sighted children breaks down stigmas and builds friendships and relationships far beyond the classroom.

Safaricom supports the production of Braille materials, and the provision and repair of Perkins Braillers (a typewriter which produces Braille pages) used by children through our partner The African Braille Centre. They also support the training of specialist teachers, who visit a number of schools in their local area teaching visually impaired children skills such as Braille, as well as supporting classroom teachers to help blind children in the classroom.

Exploring your online potential

Zungu is the root word of mzungu, which in Swahili means one who wanders in circles. Mzungu, or wazungu, was also the word used for the first white people who came to East Africa and is still used today.

His name is Erik Hersman, and He is an mzungu raised in East Africa. He bring many years of internet experience as a web marketer in a large corporation and as an interactive marketing agency strategist for Fortune 500 clients, small- and medium-sized businesses such as:

* Tyco
* ADT Home Security
* Maersk
* EarthLink
* Sun Sports (Sunshine Network)

ZUNGU can revolutionize your business, beat your competitors and realize incredible returns on your marketing dollars by offering the following services:

STRATEGY :: Any Marketing Is Only As Good As It's Strategy
You might need an email plan, web visibility or usability testing, or a search marketing plan. Whatever your needs are, we will show you how it all works together to create synergy. An integrated marketing plan, bringing together your website, email, search and offline marketing is crucial for your success.

google logoLocal search marketing is one of the least understood and most overlooked areas of marketing for small- to medium-sized businesses. Learn how to use Google, Yahoo!, MSN and the Internet Yellow Pages to your advantage. Beat the competition, open new conduits to customers you didn't know you didn't have. Best of all, measure your campaign and it's effectiveness

EMAIL MARKETING :: Attract, Personalize, Stay in Touch
Learn how to create effective and meaningful email campaigns. Email is the perfect medium to augment any marketing campaign - offline or online. Email is easy to abuse, it's powerful and has the ability to do great damage or create massive amounts of business

WEB DESIGN :: Usability and Functionality
You've got a website already, that's the first step. How do you know if it's working for or against you? Let Zungu show you how to monitor and analyze your website to ensure high returns. Does your website have the type of functionality that your users require? Is it easy to use and navigate through?

AFFILIATE MARKETING :: Multiply Your Sales Force
Affiliate marketing isn't for everyone, but it might be just what you're looking for depending upon your business. Contact Zungu for a free consultation on whether this type of marketing will work for you.

Social bookmarking service customized for education

Blackboard Scholar® is a social bookmarking service customized for education. It provides an exciting new way for students and instructors to find educationally valuable resources on the Web.

Using the knowledge and power of our network of educational users, Scholar will make it easier for instructors and students to find relevant resources on the Internet for courses and research. Furthermore, by storing and sharing associated information with each resource such as tags, disciplines, other users who have tagged and more, Scholar will allow users to evaluate the resources and find the most relevant and reliable. And it is directly integrated within the Blackboard Learning System(TM) - Enterprise, Vista, and CE Licenses, providing easy access right within the course environment.

It is easy to get Scholar® started and working for you!

CREATE your account.

SET UP THE BOOKMARKLET - add web sites you find to your Scholar bookmarks directly from your browser!

IMPORT your existing bookmarks from your browser or other social bookmarking service.

SEARCH - do simple or more advanced search by tag, discipline, and/or institution. You set the parameters to get exactly what you need.

SAVE & TAG - save your bookmarks and searches to your Scholar collection to use in research or a course at anytime. You can name, classify ("tag") and describe the resources anyway that works for you, including tagging by your courses.

SHARE - you can see what other people have tagged, how they have tagged it and who they are, to help you evaluate and find better resources. They can use yours to help do the same.

Got a cool startup, and looking for a new way to get the word out?

Got a cool startup, and looking for a new way to get the word out? Well, if you have a giant pile of cash and plane tickets to LA, not to mention an oh-so-exclusive invite, you can pitch at DEMO 07.

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pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them.

Pingoat is a service that pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you let the services know that your blog has been updated and hence, they crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents, thus increasing your blog's popularity.

Create an Internet TV Channel

Brightcove lets you realize the potential of online video with the most comprehensive Internet TV service available today. Brightcove empowers content owners from independent producers to major broadcast networks to reach their audiences directly through the Internet.

At the same time they help web publishers enrich their sites with syndicated video programming, and give marketers more ways to communicate and engage with their consumers.

a mix between an AJAXed homepage, an RSS aggregator, and mostly a social network.

LinkedFeed is not your ordinary AJAXed homepage, it is an automated and customizable information social network. The more you use it, the most accurate news it brings to you and people sharing your interests.

LinkedFeed is a mix between an AJAXed homepage, an RSS aggregator, and mostly a social network. It gives you control over everything displayed on the site, and pushes content to you and your friends depending on your preferences.

A "Linked Feed" is a feed (RSS or Atom) that is linked to those you already added to your page. Indeed, people that read quite the same feeds as you do might also be reading some interesting feed you did not know so far. LinkedFeed brings these feeds to you, and suggests your feeds to people who share your interests!

Everything on LinkedFeed can be edited : select and add your RSS/Atom feeds, organize them in various tabs, choose the number of items to display, the windows color, their place on the page, etc. You can also add cool modules we made especially for your convenience: web search, feed search, weather forecast, notepad, TV guide ... and much more to come!

Powerful Online Survey Creator, Simple and Free

questionform is a complete solution for your web surveys or forms, no HTML or programming knowledge required. Creating and publishing complex, multi-page, multi-lingual surveys has never been so easy.

it is easy and fun, with drag and drop and a few clicks, you can build powerful online surveys in no time.

easily integrate the survey with your web page, blog (click for example) or send by email and track who has responded.

track your survey responses in real time, analyse the results, create reports and export the data to your favorite spreadsheet

Promote economic development by impartially measuring and rating the effectiveness of enterprise

Whythawk Ratings (white-hawk) promotes economic development by impartially measuring and rating the effectiveness of enterprise, education and health relief interventions of development organisations and charities.

Whythawk also conducts research on behalf of donors to investigate regional development needs and assist in ongoing surveillance and vigilance of their social investment initiatives.

A Whythawk rating is an opinion on a development organisation's future performance. Whythawk’s goal is to provide ratings that embody high-quality and impartial delivery analysis. Whythawk evaluates weaknesses as well as strengths to determine the organisation's ability and willingness to deliver on the needs identified within their target sector.

Ratings components include:
A management and accountability rating
An effectiveness of service delivery rating
A strategic planning and execution rating
An overall rating
A Rand value statement of funding requirements

Connects Like Minded People Through One on One Activities is an activity – based site that connects people through 1-on-1 activities. It’s for people who like to socialize, date, or simply meet new people for activities such as: bowling, concerts, movies, and sushi. MatchActivity uses shared interests to make finding a quality match much more fun, efficient, and honest.

MatchActivity recognizes a simple fact: people who like the same music, restaurants, sports, etc., already share qualities that will help them connect, and have a more relaxed basis for communication. While other sites make you browse endless profiles, many of which are misleading or outdated, MatchActivity lets you immediately plan an activity; set the time and place; and find someone who shares your interests.

Blogdigger : The Search Engine for RSS and Blogs

Blogdigger uses state of the art syndication technologies, such as RSS and Atom, to index blog content and make it available for search. Blogdigger also makes all search results available in RSS or Atom, so users can subscribe to keyword searches and automatically be notified, via the News Aggregator of their choice, of new content pertaining to their interests. Blogdigger searches thousands of RSS and Atom feeds, and is built-in to many popular News Aggregators, such as FeedDemon and NetNewsWire.

Gladoo is a career search solution that makes online career search simpler than ever before

Gladoo is a career search solution that makes online career search simpler than ever before by offering one stop search for jobs and more. Job seekers don’t have to jump from site to site any more to find that dream job. Gladoo offers single search access to jobs from all major job portals, classified sites, agencies, and company websites

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WorldSpace, Inc. provides digital satellite services to the emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

WorldSpace, Inc. provides digital satellite audio, data and multimedia services primarily to the emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

WorldSpace is the first and only company with rights to the world’s globally allocated spectrum for digital satellite radio. Its broadcast footprint covers over 130 countries including India and China, all of Africa and the Middle East and most of Western Europe – an area that includes five billion people and more than 300 million automobiles. Its two fully operational satellites and ground infrastructure are based on proprietary and patented technology.

WorldSpace’s program directors and radio jockeys operate from studios in Washington, DC, Bangalore, India and Nairobi, Kenya, where 30 original music and lifestyle channels are created for distribution. Four of these stations are also available in the United States, on the XM Satellite Radio network.

The WorldSpace satellite network is comprised of two operational satellites that service three large geographic areas through three beams that are each capable of carrying up to 80 channels. These powerful L-band satellites have traveling wave tube amplifiers and on-board baseband processors that link with WorldSpace radio receivers equipped with a special micro-integrated circuit that processes the satellites’ high-quality audio and data transmissions.

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US social investors to invest in community-based economic projects

Shared Interest creates the means for US social investors to invest in community-based economic projects that will not only create jobs, but also alternative models of control and ownership."

Shared Interest’s guarantee fund helps low-income South Africans–particularly blacks, women, and people in rural communities. Eighty percent of people who benefit from our programs are women.

Is Shared Interest successful?
Since 1994, when Shared Interest was founded, Shared Interest has helped more than 600,000 people in South Africa. Shared Interest built houses—more than 62,000 safe, affordable homes. Shared Interest created jobs—more than 12,000 jobs. Shared Interest launched small businesses—more than 6,000.

How can I help Shared Interest and people in South Africa?
You can learn more about the challenges and opportunities in South Africa. You can invest in Shared Interest’s guarantee fund. And you can donate to Shared Interest programs. Visit the “Join Our Partnership” page now!

Explore the World with Free Maps on your Mobile

smart2go™ is a client side global map & search application for GPS-equipped mobile handsets. With smart2go™, users can explore the world. smart2go™ shows the current position and the most interesting points of interest nearby. smart2go™ can be extended with additional content plug-ins such as restaurant guides or events calendars, as well as up-to-date services such as weather and hotspot information. Users can easily upgrade to full navigation including turn-by-turn voice commands

Qumana : easy to use Desktop blog editor

qumana combines a powerfully simple interface, as easy to use as email, with features that make your posts look better, get more traffic, and make you money. Features such as easy image insertion, simple Technorati tagging, and advertising insertion. Qumana's ease of use and added features make it is the preferred publishing tool for all bloggers - new and experienced.

Qumana is an easy-to-use desktop blog editor, enabling you to write, edit and post to one or more blogs.

You can use Qumana even when you are offline. Save your blog posts to your hard drive and upload whenever you like. Great for bloggers on the move.

Qumana features include easy text formatting and image insertion, simple Technorati tagging, and advertising insertion with Q Ads. Make money from your blog content by inserting the ads of your choice with the built-in Q Ads tool.

Free Web Word Processor for your Blog

WriteToMyBlog is a free web based word processor for your Blog. Create Post Entries for your Blog from right here, completely free, no membership required, can Post to multiple Blogs simultaneously, manage your Posts, works with all major Blog programs, and is easy-peasy!

Click2Map : A new way to build your Google Maps

Click2Map is a new rich Internet application. It is an easiest way to build and share your Google Maps online. Click2Map goal is to provide an easy to use application for create, manage and publish online maps without any knowledge of programming. You also don't need to know how to use the Google Maps API.

Search People on the Web

Pipl's query-engine will help you find deep web pages that cannot be found on regular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Unlike a typical search-engine, Pipl is designed to retrieve information in real-time from the deep web

There are various reasons why you might need to search for people, you may need to find a lost relative, an old flame, a classmate or a business contact; but if you are using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to search for people you have probably realized by now that it might work in some cases but in most cases it won't. As if this is not bad enough, even when it "works" you will most likely find articles about the person or pages where he is mantioned but not their personal profiles, contact info, publications or public records.

Also known as "invisible web", the term "deep web" refers to a vast repository of underlying content, such as documents in online databases that general-purpose web crawlers cannot reach. The deep web content is estimated at 500 times that of the surface web, yet has remained mostly untapped due to the limitations of traditional search engines. a leading mobile phone remote unlocking/servicing technology

Established in March 2003, has grown to be one of the leading mobile phone remote unlocking/servicing technology in the telecommunications industry. More people choose to get their mobile phone unlocked/serviced online than any other company worldwide. is under the management of Mobile Gadgets Co. Ltd, a company registered in Malta (Europe).

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music lovin’ community getting together to share the latest news, rumors, opinions or anything.

Noisetap is a music lovin’ community getting together to share the latest news, rumors, opinions—anything at all, as long as it’s music-related. To keep things interesting, we’ve set up a rating system allowing site members to give stories a positive (+) or negative (-) rating. The stories with the most positive ratings rise to the top, and, naturally, the ones with the most negatives sink to the bottom—because here at Noisetap, it’s all about survival of the hippest.

Want some bragging rights if you’re posting fabulous stuff? You got it. All users are ranked according to their level of participation as well as their feedback scores. Post stories, get points. Post stories a bunch of people like—get even more points. That number next to your name tells you how your stories and participation level rate among all other site members.

Noisetap also features news articles, artist interviews and album reviews for your reading pleasure.

Think your music knowledge will give you an edge in climbing up the chain? Think you can handle a bit of friendly competition? Then welcome to the jungle.

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Criteo provides predictive tools on user’s tastes and behaviors.

Criteo is a technology provider. Based on breakthrough research in collaborative filtering, Criteo provides predictive tools on user’s tastes and behaviors. Our tool opens a whole range of new ways to increase e-commerce long tail issues and social networks. The underlying predictive technology is fully proprietary and patent protected.

Criteo technology is available on a white brand basis for any web site. Integration is very simple through easy-to-use web services. The best way to check our technology is to browse our movies and videos demos. This will give you an overview of the functionalities available with Criteo engine.

send prepaid mobile phone credit to friends and family overseas from mobile phones or online.

Aryty allows people in the United States and Canada to send prepaid mobile phone credit to friends and family overseas either from their mobile phones or online at It's a great tool to help your friends and family stay connected.

The world "aryty" is a slangy SMS (text message) abbreviation of "all righty." It means 'everything is all right,' 'no worries,' or 'it's all good.' But no matter how you say it, we hope that's what you'll feel once you send mobile minutes to loved ones overseas, Aryty!?

Great uses for Aryty
  • Stay connected with friends and family. Send phone credit to start an SMS chat with a friend overseas. Just a few dollars will allow your friends to send you all the news from home!
  • Send a gift. Mobile phones are such an important part of life for many people overseas. Sending a small gift of prepaid credit can go a long way help people connect with information, friends and family.
  • Send minutes so they can call you. Sending just a few dollars of prepaid mobile phone credit to your family allows them to call you whenever they want to talk to you. They won't have to wait until they get prepaid credit in their country.
  • Support your family at home. If you pay for their mobile phone, then they can use their pesos for other expenses. This is a simple and easy way to support the folks at home.
  • No matter how you chose to use Aryty, it's always secure and easy.

reQall helps you remember events, tasks or even make note of things that you are bound to forget.

reQall is a product that helps you remember events, tasks or even make note of things that you are bound to forget. Using any telephone, you can record your thoughts into the reQall system and recall them at a specified time. reQall with the help of various applications, works as a product that helps make ‘remembering’ easy. All you need are your thoughts, your voice, and your phone.

The reQall experience:

* reQall Access: Using reQall’s toll-free telephone number, users access a simple voice interface to begin the reQall experience.
* reQall Memory: Using reQall’s patent pending technology, users capture and tag a note, task or meeting for later use.
* reQall Retrieve: Users have the option of dialing directly into the reQall system to retrieve their notes, tasks or meetings. Users can also choose to receive daily email summaries and meeting reminders delivered directly to their desktop or mobile computer. Users can also use reQall when their computer is offline.

LinkedInABox™ provides a summary of your personal profile, as presented in your LinkedIn account.

LinkedInABox™ is a simple widget that can be embedded on any web page and provides a summary of your personal profile, as presented in your LinkedIn account.

Your log-in details will not be stored and will be used only to retrieve your profile details.

Vested Ventures provides Web Strategy Consulting and enjoy helping build great web businesses.

Vested Ventures is owned by Steve Poland.THey provide Web Strategy Consulting and enjoy helping build great web businesses.

Success on the web requires vision (Web Consulting), visitors (Internet Marketing) and conversions (High-end Web Development). We help our clients find, capture, and convert prospects into customers.

Using our vast experience with web technologies to solve real business problems, we also provide high-end custom web application and database programming.

Internet Marketing & Strategy

Search engine marketing consulting (search engine optimization, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, PPC)

* Internet marketing plan (competition, pricing, differentiators, how to launch, where to advertise)
o Competitive analysis (who are your competitors online and how can we better compete)
* Managing Pay-Per-Click campaigns with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture), MSN adCenter

Yaplet turns every site on the web into a social network.

Yaplet turns every site on the web into a social network. Yaplet requires no installation and no registration. With the click of a bookmark, you can chat directly with other people viewing the same page as you.

Friday, February 23, 2007

What is the best way to discover the conversations that are going on in your neighborhood?, the best way to discover the conversations that are going on in your neighborhood—whether that's where you live, where you work, or where you want to be. See what locals are saying right now, and share your own wisdom with your friends and neighbors.

How To Use

Type in a location or zip code in the "enter your neighborhood or zipcode" field. Click "go" and you'll instantly get a big picture view of what's happening around you. In the left-hand column, the dashboard tells you what neighborhoods you're looking at, and gives you a quick summary of hot topics in the area. The main column shows you the latest information associated with this area: blog posts, art gallery reviews, real estate listings, police reports.

Now drag the map, or zoom out. Cool, huh? The screen refreshes to reflect your new perspective. With you can "drive" through an entire city and see what the locals are saying about each neighborhood.

Now apply a filter. Select one of the options from the pull-down menus at the top of the main and right columns: restaurants, say, or politics. The column refreshes to show you only those topics associated with the area you've selected in the map.

Acorn stores your business ideas, inventions, projects, songs, thoughts, poems, innovations, and quotes.

Acorn now has a more recognizable web address: The name of the service will continue to be Acorn, but you should update your bookmarks and links to point to this new URL. You can continue to use, but in the near future it will redirect you to the new address.

Store your thoughts and ideas.
Store your business ideas, inventions, projects, songs, thoughts, poems, innovations, and quotes. Organize your thoughts by category and keyword.

Develop your ideas online.
Develop your ideas online rather than on paper. Easily switch from developing one idea to another. Use Acorn's creativity tools if you get stuck while developing an idea.

Share your ideas with friends.
Collaborate with business partners, friends, and family. Develop an idea together. You control which people get to see the information or you can keep an idea private.

Acorn is getting visits from people all over the world: France, Denmark, England, Spain, Poland, India, China, Egypt, Canada, and 19 different states in the U.S. Invite your friends to use Acorn. It is a fun way to share thoughts and ideas. To invite people to share your ideas, you can use the "Manage Associates" link under the "Sharing" tab. Just type in the email of the person you wish to invite and wait for them to accept the invitation. It's easy!

"Ugenie : a new tool to help you find the best price on books, music, movies, and video games.

Ugenie has developed an algorithm that searches about 40 web sites for information about prices of books, movies, music, and games to come up with the cheapest bundles that consumers can buy from these shopping sites.

More web sites and other items will be added to the basket as the team ramps up. Electronic goods, computers, home appliances, and other goodies will be added in the next three to six months.

While searching for the cheapest bundles, the Ugenie engine takes into account discount coupons currently on offer by merchants as well as shipping costs per delivery.

A clean and easy to use interface, Web 2.0 features such as pop-up screens showing details of a selected item in a blurb, a virtual coupon-gathering mechanism, and a user-generated tagging facility make Ugenie “a neat solution,” according to Promod Haque, a partner at the venture firm Norwest Partners.

“Still, it’s a crowded arena,” he added, wondering how Ugenie would stand out from the pack.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Measure Map helps you understand what people do at your blog,

Measure Map helps you understand what people do at your blog, and what influence you are having on the world.Easily navigate the numbers that matter.Track links to see who sends you traffic.Find out what people do at your site.Setup is a breeze — it only takes a minute
Measure Map is a production of Google.

MIT's OpenCourseWare: Provides free, searchable, course materials for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.

MIT OCW is a large-scale, Web-based electronic publishing initiative funded jointly by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation , MIT, and generous support of the Ab Initio software company.

MIT OCW's goals are to:

  • Provide free, searchable, access to MIT's course materials for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.
  • Extend the reach and impact of MIT OCW and the "opencourseware" concept.

MIT OCW would not be possible without the support and generosity of the MIT faculty who choose to share their research, pedagogy, and knowledge to benefit others. We expect MIT OCW to reach a steady - though never static - state by 2008. Between now and then, we will publish the materials from virtually all of MIT's undergraduate and graduate courses.

We will be continually evaluating the Access, Use, and Impact of MIT OCW. With 1,550 courses published as of November 1, 2006, we are still in a learning stage of this MIT initiative and we will benefit enormously from your feedback, as we strive to make MIT OCW as rich and useful as possible for our users.

Sxip Identity is the market leader in Identity 2.0

Sxip pronounced \skip\
Sxip Identity is the market leader in Identity 2.0, an internet-scale approach to identity and access management that is simple, secure and open.

The online world has no equivalent. Yet as more online transactions connect enterprises and users, this is precisely the model we need -- a system that makes it effortless to provide verifiable identity and reputation data issued by a third party.

Sxip addresses this by providing Identity 2.0 solutions that operate at an internet-scale enabling individuals, organizations and web services to communicate and transact in a manner that is simple, secure, and open. With current barriers to data exchange removed, users and online organizations will finally have the ability to engage in identity interactions as seamless and safe as showing that photo ID or affinity card.

Invest in Tanzania

Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) was established in 1997 by the Tanzania Investment Act No. 26 of 1997 to be "the primary agency of Government to coordinate, encourage, promote and facilitate investment in Tanzania and to advise the Government on investment related matters". All Government departments and agencies are required by law to cooperate fully with TIC in facilitating investors.

TIC is the focal point for investors. It is a first point of call for potential investors. It is an efficient and effective investment promotion agency, a "One Stop Facilitative Centre for all investors", engaging in the business of marketing Tanzania as an investment destination.

As a primary agency of the Government in all investment matters, TIC is charged with the following functions: -

* Assist in establishment of enterprises e.g. incorporation and registration of enterprises;
* Obtain necessary licenses, work permits, visas, approvals, facilities or services;
* Sort out any administrative barriers confronting both local and foreign investments;
* Promote both foreign and local investment activities;
* Secure investment sites and assist investors to establish EPZ projects;
* Grant Certificates of Incentives, investment guarantees and register technology agreements for all investments, which are over and above US$ 300,000 and US$ 100,000 for foreign and local investments respectively;
* Provide and disseminate up to date information on existing investment opportunities, benefits or incentives available to investors; and
* Assist all investors whether or not registered by TIC.

In order to strengthen and expedite facilitation services, 8 Senior Officers from Government or its Executive Agencies have been permanently stationed at TIC to serve investors under the general direction of the TIC Executive Director. Presently these officers include those from: -

* Lands Department
* Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)
* Immigration Department
* Labour Division
* Directorate of Trade
* Business Registration & Licensing Agency (BRELA)

For further information, please contact;

The Executive Director
Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC)
P.O. Box 938
Dar es Salaam
Tel: 255 22 2116328
Fax: 255 22 2118253

Acex Systems : a fastest growing Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) in East Africa.

Acex Systems Limited (ACEX) was founded in late 1999, began as a computer sales company and in 2001 began an ambitious project to install a wide area wireless network in Dar es Salaam in order to offer wireless services such as wireless internet and wireless networking.

Today, Acex specializes in 802.11x wireless solutions for homes, home offices, small businesses, and large corporations. In addition, Acex offers services such as LAN installations, Web Design, Web-hosting, Graphic Design, and Computer Repair and Maintenance.

In the near future, Acex will be able to offer voice services as the regulations change in addition to video on demand offerings.

Focused on providing the best customer care and service, we have become the fastest growing Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) in East Africa.

Acex Systems is dedicated to making it as easy and affordable as possible for you to take advantage of the technology revolution.

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a new concept in Internet browsing that lets users mouse-over any web link and extract the essence of that web page

Syntactica has developed a new concept in Internet browsing that lets users mouse-over any web link and extract the essence of that web page - displayed as a "preview window" - without ever clicking the link. This new tool, called the iReader™2.0 Web Previewer, is based on linguistic technology the company has been developing for several years and was released in a limited beta version in February 2007.

Syntatica is also making available other applications and tools using this linguistics, or text-analysis, technology. The iReader 2.0 API (application programming interface) is being offered by the company on an “Open Source” basis, whereby free source code has been published that makes its iReader 2.0 XML Web Services easy to use. Information for developers available at

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where America Stands: Entrepreneurship

Micro-multinationals are small companies with a presence and people in multiple countries:

When most people hear the phrase “multinational corporation,” they think of large, established firms with subsidiaries in major markets around the world. But a new breed of entrepreneurs is now creating “micro-multinationals” that are global from day one., for example, has 25 employees across five time zones, four nations and two continents. Its executive team is in San Francisco, its CTO is a Serbian who lives in the Dominican Republic, and its development team is in Belgrade. According to the CEO of Vast, “We are building a company in a way that wouldn’t have been possible even two years ago.”

The report goes on to note that not only is a global attitude and approach the right move to find staff to grow the business, but it is seen increasingly as a prerequisite for getting venture funding:

Particularly since the bursting of the IT bubble, venture capitalists have encouraged start-ups to implement global strategies to reduce costs and get to market faster. According to a USA Today survey of venture-backed software startups created since 1999, nearly 40 percent have employees outside the United States. And the global firms received more than twice as much funding from venture capitalists as firms with U.S.-only operations.

Entrepreneurs could not have created many of these companies if they had been unable to leverage global talent. And as these companies grow, they create more jobs in the United States. * * *

The ability of even small start-ups to go global offers unprecedented opportunities to U.S.-based entrepreneurs. But it also means that having a supportive environment for entrepreneurship will become even more important. Entrepreneurs can increasingly choose to develop and finance their new ideas anywhere in the world. Regions whose regulatory systems do not support the creation and growth of new businesses will find entrepreneurial activity (and the jobs that it creates) moving elsewhere.

I’ve observed this trend blossoming in the past few years, particularly among technology and Internet businesses. This idea of the world transforming into one global village is happening before our eyes. The numbers of companies that can be characterized as micro-multinationals is still small, but they are out there.

In fact, in my role as entrepreneur-in-residence (official title Executive Editor) of Creative Weblogging, I participate in a startup that runs 110 content-based websites, in five languages, with writers from over two dozen countries. If it were not for the ability to tap into the talent of people in countries outside the U.S., the Creative Weblogging group would look very different today. Creative Weblogging has benefited hugely from the ability to (1) find skilled highly-qualified people in parts of the world where the U.S. dollar goes farther, keeping costs low, and (2) to develop a global audience by hiring local writers who know the culture and the language.

Download the report here: Where America Stands: Entrepreneurship (PDF).

AlertPay's internet payment system provides a secure method to facilitate financial transactions across the Internet,, a privately owned and managed company founded in 2004, offers an internet payment system enabling any business or consumer with email to send and receive internet payments securely, quickly and cost-effectively. With its office headquarters in Montreal, Canada, AlertPay is available to users all around world.

AlertPay's internet payment system provides a secure method to facilitate financial transactions across the Internet, without exposing your personal, bank, or credit card information to anyone.
AlertPay's mission is:
to provide its services in a honest and trustworthy manner
to keep its clients up to date
to respect the rights of our members and their accounts
to offer competitive services for competitive rates