Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Social bookmarking service customized for education

Blackboard Scholar® is a social bookmarking service customized for education. It provides an exciting new way for students and instructors to find educationally valuable resources on the Web.

Using the knowledge and power of our network of educational users, Scholar will make it easier for instructors and students to find relevant resources on the Internet for courses and research. Furthermore, by storing and sharing associated information with each resource such as tags, disciplines, other users who have tagged and more, Scholar will allow users to evaluate the resources and find the most relevant and reliable. And it is directly integrated within the Blackboard Learning System(TM) - Enterprise, Vista, and CE Licenses, providing easy access right within the course environment.

It is easy to get Scholar® started and working for you!

CREATE your account.

SET UP THE BOOKMARKLET - add web sites you find to your Scholar bookmarks directly from your browser!

IMPORT your existing bookmarks from your browser or other social bookmarking service.

SEARCH - do simple or more advanced search by tag, discipline, and/or institution. You set the parameters to get exactly what you need.

SAVE & TAG - save your bookmarks and searches to your Scholar collection to use in research or a course at anytime. You can name, classify ("tag") and describe the resources anyway that works for you, including tagging by your courses.

SHARE - you can see what other people have tagged, how they have tagged it and who they are, to help you evaluate and find better resources. They can use yours to help do the same.

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