Tuesday, February 27, 2007

WorldSpace, Inc. provides digital satellite services to the emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

WorldSpace, Inc. provides digital satellite audio, data and multimedia services primarily to the emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

WorldSpace is the first and only company with rights to the world’s globally allocated spectrum for digital satellite radio. Its broadcast footprint covers over 130 countries including India and China, all of Africa and the Middle East and most of Western Europe – an area that includes five billion people and more than 300 million automobiles. Its two fully operational satellites and ground infrastructure are based on proprietary and patented technology.

WorldSpace’s program directors and radio jockeys operate from studios in Washington, DC, Bangalore, India and Nairobi, Kenya, where 30 original music and lifestyle channels are created for distribution. Four of these stations are also available in the United States, on the XM Satellite Radio network.

The WorldSpace satellite network is comprised of two operational satellites that service three large geographic areas through three beams that are each capable of carrying up to 80 channels. These powerful L-band satellites have traveling wave tube amplifiers and on-board baseband processors that link with WorldSpace radio receivers equipped with a special micro-integrated circuit that processes the satellites’ high-quality audio and data transmissions.

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