Thursday, February 8, 2007 to make Kenya the BPO hub of Africa. represents a consortium of local, regional, and global organizations working together to make Kenya the BPO hub of Africa. We believe that Kenya is ideally suited to become the premier African provider of BPO services to the global economy by 2010, especially if Kenyans at home and abroad collaborate to leverage our resources strategically.

Our goal is to have a network of community driven ICT-facilities located in urban and rural areas all over Kenya that will create jobs for young people and generate wealth for local communities. To achieve this goal, and its consortium members will provide the following services to start and/or support call centres and back-offices in Kenya:

* Templates for preparing business plans.
* Information and assistance with finances.
* Guidance on suitability of premises.
* Advice on equipment and connectivity.
* Referrals to consultants, lawyers, auditors, and other professionals.
* Networking with ICT suppliers and other vendors.
* Introduction to research and technology expertise.
* Guidance on staff recruitment and training.
* Advice on securing outsourcing contracts.

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