Wednesday, August 1, 2007

WikiYou : A place for Unauthorized biographies .

Unauthorized biographies have just begun with WikiYouGoogle might be working to archive all of the world's information, but WikiYou is trying to get unauthorized biographies for every person on earth.

Seems a bit out there, but nonetheless it is an intriguing experiment. WikiYou is breaking new grounds by taking the Wikipedia direction to the mainstream. You see, if you write a biography on Wikipedia, the sources have to be reliable and verifiable, leaving many regular people in the dark. But with WikiYou, regardless if sources are reliable or verifiable, biographies will get up.

Could this project turn in to a giant mess of spam? Or could it actually work out so that we can have open records and stories for everyone on earth? So far it looks like its runny smoothly with many every day people inputting biographies, and many of their friends and contacts adding to them.

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