Friday, April 6, 2007

Send letters using e-mail.

Postful's mission is to be the bridge between the digital and physical worlds.

* Sending letters is now as easy as sending e-mail. For the times when you need to send a quick letter, Postful is there.
* Postful connects the 65 million Americans without email access to the modern communications network. Messages can be delivered to them as easily as they are to anyone already online.
* Using Postful mailboxes as personal P.O. boxes, mail can follow the person rather than a fixed address. Forwarding is a thing of the past. On-the-go workers can now receive mail wherever they are, rather than at a single fixed location.
* Using Postful mailboxes, individuals can now keep their privacy and personal security online while still making physical exchanges. By providing others with a Postful mailbox, you can receive physical deliveries without ever revealing your physical location.

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