Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Ultimate Sales Tool

Qoof Ltd. was founded in September 2005 by Richard Kligman and is led by a focused, experienced and aggressive executive team with proven track records. Unlike social networks, which are focused on entertainment, Qoof is solely focused on maximizing our clients’ sales revenue and harnessing the power of their message through video.

Qoof's business model is built upon the outcome of two changing trends - the explosive shift from TV to Internet watching and the demise of traditional Direct response television marketing. From Madison Avenue advertisers to Mom and Pop entrepreneurs, Qoof's unique suite of services enables users to market, sell and most of all, increase revenue on the Internet.
Qoof's Suite of Services:

Usermercials™ is a consumer software application that leverages the power of broadband video content to enable users to finally generate solid revenue from their partnerships with online retail affiliate program.

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