Monday, March 12, 2007

Get information on your cell phone by SMS, WAP, toolbar or email.

411Sync allows you to get information on your cell phone by SMS, WAP, toolbar or email. Other programmers register their searches with 411Sync and then 411Sync let you use it. 411Sync give you the power of the internet to your cell phone.

Is 411Sync safe?
When you use any search, your cell phone is hidden from the search provider. All they get are the items in the body of the text message for the information you are looking for.

How much does it cost?
It is FREE! The service is free to use. Your carrier may have some charges, but the information you get is free from the search provider.

How do I use 411Sync?
It is simple to use one of the methods below:

Search using SMS (Text Message). Send SMS search queries to 415-676-8397.
Search using Email. Send Email search queries to
Search using WAP. See 411Sync Mobile Web Search.
Search using Toolbar. See below on details of installing 411Sync Mobile Search in your toolbar.
Configure SMS Reminders and Alerts and have updates sent to you automatically.
Create SMS Shortcuts and get instant search results without typing anything in the SMS body. Share the shortcuts with other users.
Save 415-676-8397 in your phone book. Next time you want to find information, just put the items in the body you want specific information for and we will get you the results.

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