Thursday, March 29, 2007

ILCU : an event-sharing network.

ILCU is a gigantic network of hip-happenin' things to do and people to do them with in your free time. We created ILCU to fill the gaps in our social calendars with stuff and people that make us happy. Sure there are lots of event sites online: you can see events, but you have no idea who's going. With ILCU, you can see both.

Here are three reasons why they created ILCU:

1. So you can see what's going on near you
2. So you can see who's going
3. You can tell others about your hip-happening events

ILCU is your tool for spreading the word about events that you're organizing. You can post events-no matter how big or small-on ILCU and make them private or public. For example, you may want to limit Monday night's pinochle game to a small group of friends, but make Friday night's bash open to everyone on ILCU. Of course, it will only appear to other ILCU members that are based in your city and have specified an interest in attending large-scale parties in their profile.

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