Monday, June 18, 2007

Trusted Opinion : a site where your friends suggest what’s best

In early 2004, Shahar Smirin struck upon the underlying concept for Trusted OpinionTM while attending a birthing class with his expectant wife. The daunting prospect of becoming a first-time father had Shahar's head swimming with questions for which he needed quick reliable answers. Contacting trusted friends and relatives was proving to be "hit-and-miss" and time consuming, and while there was plenty of information on the Internet, it was often impossible to determine its reliability. What was needed was a way to combine the trustworthiness of his friends with the efficiency of the Internet.

Realizing the profound potential of the idea he had stumbled upon, Shahar quickly gathered his team and got to work. The result was a uniquely intelligent online platform for sharing ratings and recommendations between trusted individuals, which serve up commercially untainted and personally tailored recommendations.

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