Sunday, April 29, 2007 : a video syndication service that enables publishers to monetize their audiences.

Sanaga is a video syndication service.

Content owners can post a video about any subject and publishers can syndicate the video using our API. Also, Sanaga enables both the content owners and publishers to monetize their audience. For each batch of 1,000 video ads watched by users, the owner of the content associated to these 1,000 video ads will receive US$3 and the publisher whose site has generated these 1,000 video ads will receive US$1.

In order to publish a video and distribute it through our network of publishers, content owners have to register. Registration and use are completely free.

Comments can be rated, so that the most useful comments are visible to content owners and other publishers. If you need a comment, register to its RSS feed of comments, and just wait until your news aggregator pops out with an comment.

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