Monday, June 25, 2007

Ziki is the best place to promote yourself

Ziki, the digital life-aggregator, has finally released its latest release, incorporating more ways to centralize your personal information from around the web, and is also building up a bit of a community around its own service.

With Ziki Version 2, your search queries will turn up results from Ziki as well as the web, offering a broader view of what’s going on with a particular person. Similar to Wink, you can now get information about others without them having to create a Ziki profile first. Ziki results will show on top, and if the person you’re looking for doesn’t yet have a Ziki profile, there is the option of creating one. The benefits of having a free, “official” profile on Ziki is that you’ll get a bit higher on search engine results, such as Google.



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Milla Valkeasuo said...

I don't think it's so great.. There are many other but better available.