Thursday, June 28, 2007 is a collection of wine reviews and wine ratings from certified wine critics around the world. is a collection of wine reviews and wine ratings from certified wine critics around the world. We attempt to catalog every review and rating available for the wines in our database. These reviews and ratings are then calculated into an overall score, The Nirvino Rating, for each wine. In addition Nirvino provides relevant information on appellations, grapes, vineyards, vintages, winemakers, wineries, wine stores, and other terroir.

What is the Nirvino Rating?
The Nirvino Rating is a representation of whether wine critics overall liked or disliked a particular wine. A wine is considered GOOD when 60% or more of the reviews for a wine are positive and BAD when lower than 60% are positive. To calculate whether an individual review is positive or not, each type of wine scoring system is taken into account:

Who are certified wine critics?
Certified wine critics are individuals or oganizations accredited by the wine industry or with the experience and number of reviews necessary to meet our guidelines. Please contact us for more information on our critic guidelines. To synopsize, the Nirvino Rating is calculated from an experienced and unbiased set of wine critics.

What are some of the other features at Nirvino?
- There are over 4802 wines and 469 reviews in our database.
- Detailed information on each wine from alcohol content to winemaker's notes.
- Standardized naming convention and label graphics for each wine.
- Google search of all our wines and other information.
- Browse for wines in our db by rating, price, region (appellation), grape (varietal), winery, winemaker, vintage, vineyard, and wine stores
- Ability to sort wines by rating, price, winery, title, and vintage.
- Wine critics pages with review and ratings history plus biographical information.
- Information on how often critics agree with each other.
- Detailed information on thousands of wineries, regions (appellations), vintages, grapes (varietals), winemakers, wine stores, and other terroir.

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