Thursday, March 22, 2007

Microsoft is hosting a 72-hour conversation, and you're invited.

MIX is designed to facilitate an open exchange of ideas between presenters and attendees. Like last year, expect to hear from some of the most successful and innovative practitioners on the Web.

Come meet up and network.
At MIX, you can talk firsthand to Microsoft executives (or give them a piece of your mind) and rub shoulders with a whole host of influential Web personalities, business leaders, analysts and venture capitalists.

Come see something cool.
Microsoft and its partners will be unveiling innovative new technologies and services at MIX and showing off the latest opportunities with Windows Vista™, Xbox 360™, Windows Mobile® and Windows Live™ services. Microsoft Research will return for another peek at the latest wonders they’re cooking up in the labs.

Come have some fun.
They hold MIX in Las Vegas for a reason! they strictly enforce a casual atmosphere throughout and try to help everyone have a good time at the end of each long day. This year, among other things, you can look forward to a private party with the world-famous Pussycat Dolls at PURE, the hottest nightclub on the strip.

Come to MIX07 for the Next Web Now.

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