Sunday, April 15, 2007

Opportunities in Kenya’s Communications sector

Opportunities in Kenya’s Communications sector

The government of Kenya has made ICT a priority in it’s economic recovery strategy initiatives. With the incentives and benefits that Kenya has to offer, the following areas can be invested in:

· I.T. Enabled Services
· Call Centers for both inbound and outbound calls
· Wide range of Business Process Outsourcing activities
· Disaster recovery
· Software developmen
· Education and Training
· ICT Habitats
· Development of Broadband infrastructure

Knowledge Industry

To compliment all the above sectors, Kenya aspires to attract internationally reputable educational institutions, universities and training centers. The following areas exist for investment:

· Science and technology centers
· IT Centers of Excellence
· Training Centers for Hospitality industry
· School Fashion and Design
· R&D institutes
· Schools for Business and International Marketing

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