Friday, June 15, 2007

Profile Mine: Rich Ajax MySpace Editor

ProfileMine is the ultimate MySpace companion site that lets you completely customize your MySpace profile without having to touch a single line of HTML code. We love MySpace as a forum for self expression. But, if you weren’t born knowing HTML, it’s almost impossible to customize your MySpace profiles exactly the way you want it. Now, ProfileMine allows you to find and save your favorite MySpace layouts to your account, easily switch between different MySpace layouts, and make changes to your MySpace profile – all without having to cut and paste any HTML.

Here’s what you can do on ProfileMine:

* Save your favorite MySpace layouts to your My Layouts page, regardless of where you find it – on ProfileMine, on other layouts sites, or by copying layouts you find on other people’s MySpace profiles
* Update your MySpace profile with a new layout automatically, without cutting and pasting layout code
* Delete, resize, edit, or add widgets, slideshows, pictures, text, or anything else to your MySpace profile using our intuitive, simple to use, drag-and-drop MySpace Editor
* Upload all profile changes automatically to your MySpace account with just a single click


kirdes said...

I have used this and it does work.

kirdes said...

They are a great site...with hot myspace layouts...but I also like too!!