Monday, July 2, 2007

Symbaloo creates a start on the internet for every human being.

Symbaloo is developed as a simple start on the internet. Traveling information, phone numbers, translations, flight tickets, recipies, traffic information and many other usefull things you're looking for on a daily internet session are now accessible within a single click. You could see symbaloo as a skin over the web. We hope you experience this skin as pleasant and usefull!

Symbaloo is coming from a Greek verb meaning 'comparing'. It perfectly reflects the mission of the company and is pronounced the same as Yahoo!

Symbaloo is founded by Tim Has and has the mission to make the web more accessible and the use of it more simple. To accomplish this mission he developed together with Robert Broeders, Koen Dantuma and Eduard Weijgers. Since June 2007 symbaloo is available in the Netherlands


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