Sunday, February 4, 2007

Yellowikis is a open access business directory.

Yellowikis aims to provide up-to-date, open, accurate, honest but quite basic business information to everyone on the internet.

This information is free to both users and companies. We do not want to take advertising or to sell data. This information is free.

One of our main aims is to be a global resource. Small companies - particularly those in developing countries - don't find it easy to set up their own web pages and get them ranked by Google and the other search engines. We hope that a simple entry in Yellowikis will help level the playing field.

There are very few rules about adding information. We launched the service on January 12 2005 - we are open to ideas and for the time being we will let a certain amount of anarchy rule. But we will be keeping a careful eye on our baby and want to encourage it to grow and develop into an information resource as important as Wikipedia itself. With your help and support we will slowly grow a Yellowiki community of users that we hope will nurture and love it as much as we do.

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