Friday, March 23, 2007

Compose your own vocal information system in a very simple way.

VocalFruits is an original service which enables you to compose your own vocal information system in a very simple way.It's a "text to speech" podcast. A vFruit allows you to listen to your text contents, via high quality speech solutions. For the “experts”, a vFruit is a “text to speech” podcast.

You can select your vFruits either from or from any blogs or web sites which offer you the “add to myVfruits” icon.
You will see all the vFruits offered by the web site and will be able to select those you want.

You can also choose to create your own vFruits, either starting from existing RSS, or by sending in a very simple manner your text contents from your mail.

Once your vFruits have been either created or added to “myvFruits”, you can start to use them in the following ways:
- on the Web,
- on your mobile phone,
- on your MP3 player,
- or finally by adding your vfruit to your startpage.

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