Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fashion and entertainment magazine in the emerging African global market.

uzuri is a premier high quality quarterly African inspired, high fashion, international magazine determined in becoming the leading beauty, fashion and entertainment publication in the emerging African global market. Our goal is to support and promote African inspired fashion designers and artists by raising their profile, acknowledging their contributions and helping them achieve rank on the mainstream global ‘fashion-stage’. is justly dedicated in increasing awareness of the culture, beauty and fashions inspired by Africa. It celebrates the emerging trends of fashion from mainland Africa and the Caribbean to the runways of Paris, Nairobi, Tokyo, London and New York – to name a few!

Founded in 2005, has become a magnet for millions of Africans from around the world who read the magazine for exclusive entertaining and informative commentaries on African inspired fashion collections, health and beauty trends, relationships, home décor, celebrity news, lifestyle profiles and more. From élan to hip-hop couture, will preserve its lead as the global ‘fashion-concierge’ magazine for its readers. Edgy, hip, motivating and socially conscious, the family is continually focused on shaping a new ‘fashion-compass’ for the mainstream fashion and design industry.

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