Friday, March 9, 2007

An interactive portal for small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent professionals in Asia is an interactive portal that enables small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to generate more opportunities by building meaningful business relationships in a marketing-oriented community.

This is achieved by providing members to a power professional profile that more succinctly conveys who they are and reasons to interact, through relevant marketing content and events.

Using is Easy:

Register for a free account: It takes only a few minutes.
Build your E-Profile: Communicate your professional expertise and objectives.
Review member E-Profiles: Unlimited browsing of your match or search results.
Make connections: Engage members using online chat, messaging, referrals or discussions.
Search and contribute to marketing events, trends and intelligence for additional networking and knowledge-building opportunities.
Repeat and see your possibilities expand as you establish your online presence and an invaluable network!.

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