Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Is New York Tech Valley a Sillicon Valley of the East?

New York’s Tech Valley – a region that stretches from the Canadian border near Montreal to just north of New York City – is brimming with opportunity and excitement. Tech Valley offers rewarding career and business prospects, world-class educational and research facilities and a fantastic quality of life.

Climate & Geography.
Tech Valley’s climate is as varied as its geography, providing a wealth of recreational fun and making the region a beautiful and exciting place to live.

Getting Around.
Once you’re in Tech Valley, you’ll move about effortlessly whether by car, public transportation or train.

Getting Here.
Over land or through the air, you’ll find it easy to get to Tech Valley. But watch out, you may never leave!

Tech Valley has a history of discovery, invention and innovation dating back to the early 1600s. And it continues today with cutting-edge research and invaluable breakthroughs in nanotech, biotech, alternative energy and other exciting fields.

Key Facts.
The very basics of living in Tech Valley, including an overview of the currency system, immigration laws and time differences.

National Recognition.
Tech Valley is home to some of the best schools, hospitals and companies in the nation. See where they stack up.

People & Culture.
Tech Valley welcomes a diversity of peoples, cultures and lifestyles creating full and lively experiences for everyone in Tech Valley.

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