Friday, March 9, 2007

Share calendars and appointments with those that need to know.

Calgoo lets you download calendars from web sites, synchronize with your Outlook calendar, and see schedules of friends, co-workers and family.With Calgoo, you can search and filter multiple calendars, combine and compare schedules, and map locations of appointments and events.

Show your availability to others, see when they are available, send invitations to your buddies, or even share event agendas, locations and details.

Calgoo is free online/offline software that allows you to:

* Find calendars, schedules and events that interest or affect you
* Bring together iCal, Outlook and Google calendars in one view
* Use your calendars offline and sync them when you go online
* Organize, search, manage and view multiple calendars and schedules
* Share your calendars with other people
* Make appointments and invite people
* Keep track of tasks and see them in your calendar
* Get reminders via email, pop-up, or SMS to your cell phone
* Work with Google Calendar and Google Apps free and Premier Edition

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