Thursday, April 12, 2007

simple and clean image manipulation system that doesn't use flash .

Wiredness is a simple and clean image manipulation system that did not use flash or java - just HTML and javascript. The interface is very clean and uses a windows style menu bar system. It is now in a beta phase.

You can do all of the normal image manipulations, resize, crop, rotate etc. Wiredness implementes a few advanced techniques such as adding text to an image and image effects. they are also starting to add in some fixes for photos such as over/under exposure and red eye reduction.

The Wiredness system includes a simple API which allows other web applications to pass through the information for an image. This will allow the user to modify that image using the Wiredness system and then save that image back to the calling web application. They can also chose to cancel the modification at any time and it will return them to your site with the original unmodified image.

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