Sunday, May 20, 2007

Review techmambo site For A FREE Backlink.

Techmambo has recently received a PageRank of 6 from Google which is considered a great ranking for high quality and high authority web sites. If you own your own web site or business, it can be very valuable for you to receive a link from a Page Rank 6 site, so we decided to do a very simple promotion which will allow you to receive a backlink from a high traffic site that can really boost your Search Engine Ranking and also help you get a higher page rank.

Criteria for getting a free backlink:

* The review should link to the home page using the anchor text ”Techmambo“.
* The review should be a minimum 200 words.
* It must have a link to this rules post somewhere in the review.
* You must give an honest review.

Here is an example -

techmambo writes many new and unique articles for company and product reviews. If you do a review of their site, they will link to your review and send their readers to browse around your site.

For every 5 reviews we receive, we will have a post linking to your site. If you already read Techmambo, why not take 10 minutes to write a review and receive a valuable backlink in exchange? Once you are done, please contact us with the link to your review.

For those web sites who have a similar niche to us, we will include a review of the best sites if we think our loyal readers can get value from your web site. This would send additional traffic your way for free. Thanks and we look forward to reading your reviews!

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