Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Protonotes Lets You Annotate Your Prototypes

Protonotes are notes that you add to your prototype that allow project team members to discuss system functionality , design, and requirements directly on the prototype. You can think of it like a discussion board/wiki in direct context of your prototype. Once you have signed up with Protonotes, all you have to do is share your unique Protonotes url with your project team members and they can begin adding notes to the prototype - they do not have to sign up.

Discussion Board + Wiki * (Prototypes) = Protonotes
Protonotes is also a great tool for recording your findings in usability tests and heuristic reviews.

What's so great about Protonotes?

* Everyone on your team can easily add notes to your prototypes - helps the entire team collaborate quicker and easier.
* You don't need to install anything.
* Once you've signed up, all you have to do is email out your Protonotes link - nobody else has to sign up.
* It's free.

LINK: http://www.protonotes.com/

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