Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Find, Vouch, Share: Uvouch Makes it Easy, Uvouch Makes it Fun!

Uvouch.com gives you one easy web site where you can search for the best in online videos and websites, collect the videos and links to sites, create playlists of your favorites and organize your collection in a way that makes sense to you. With a single click of the mouse, Uvouch.com's easy-to-use browser tool lets you add videos, selected text and links to your account-just surf and click! And, unlike your browser favorites, your Uvouch.com favorites are accessible anywhere, anytime, as long as you have internet access.

This new site�s easy to use features include one-click video importing, one-click link importing, custom playlists, customizable tags, a user-driven search engine, message boards and tools to share your favorite videos and links directly from your personal website or blog.

With Uvouch.com, You can:

Find and save videos, links and other information with one simple click.
View other profiles to see what videos and websites like-minded people are viewing and recommending.
Search by keywords, popularity, recent additions and user-defined tags.
Import videos and links from YouTube.com and nearly any other video-hosting web site with a single click.
Create playlists and send them to your friends and network.
Discuss opinions and socialize with other Uvouch.com users.
Easily add links to your website or blog to display your favorite videos and links to your site�s visitors.
Watch your favorite videos and access your favorite links from any computer connected to the Internet.
Organize your videos and links using tags and categories that YOU define.
Meet and network with new people.
Invite friends to view your collections and connect with them.
Help others find the best videos by vouching for the ones you like and making recommendations.
Customize your Uvouch.com profile to fit your tastes and personality.

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