Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Venyo is the web 2.0 trust provider

The lack of trust has always been an issue on the Internet and it will not get better with the emergence of new collaborative services particular to Web 2.0. More and more people are blogging, sharing, publishing or selling but what about the quality and the reliability of the published material ?

The community is well aware of this problem and has consequently developed a variety of methods to be applied with the aim of inspiring sufficient trust in users by reassuring them of the quality of material or of proposed services, thereby turning them into readers or buyers.

Reliability rating, as established by C2C exchange platforms, is certainly the most significant advance regarding compensating the lack of trust that the majority of users feel when faced with the unknown. It is, however, insufficient to prevent users from being drowned beneath waves of information, recommendations, suggestions and solutions whose relevance it is no longer easily possible to judge.

Indeed, the number of contributors is dramatically increasing and it would help to have access to a unified and standardised measure of the reputation of each active user. And that is all about the Venyo Project - to build a free and universal online reputation management tool.

The reputation would be expressed in the form of a personal reliability index - the Vindex™ - guaranteed by an impartial and independent organisation. It is precisely this organisation that Venyo seeks to become.

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