Monday, March 5, 2007

aka-aki shows the profiles of people around you.

shows the profiles of people around you. And that’s around you – we’re talking 65 feet. With pictures, what they are up to, and your mutual friends. Like:

» You’re on a bus. Who else is there? Could that be a friend of a friend? Findings lurk at every station.
» You’re at your drinking hole. What now? aka-aki tells you who’s up for some tabletop soccer.
» You’re clubbing. Looking for someone? aka-aki detects common subjects with those around.
» You’re stuck in an amazingly boring performance. aka-aki shows you who of your friends is online. Send messages to them for a fraction of the SMS tariff.
» You’re in a foreign city. And you know just about nobody. Or maybe you do. Put „Who can show me around London?“ on you profile and somebody responds. New places, new faces.

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