Friday, March 16, 2007

Promoting music from unsigned/independent musicians of every genre.

9ViBe is both a song discovery site exclusively for independent music and an independent musician promotion site. 9ViBe means "personal vibe". They know your choice in music is very personal. You just need to hear it to know. The bottom line is to find the songs you connect with, you need to be able to preview as many songs as possible, as quickly as possible.

Songs load for sampling via streaming randomly within the selected filters. 9ViBe has a "hold and compare feature", along with an "in cart feature". The site itself is simple, easy to navigate, and fast. There are no distractions to obtaining your goal of discovering awesome music you love in the least amount of time.

9ViBe is as much about independent artist promotion as it is about being an indie music download site.Try 9ViBe and you will see we achieved this goal. The musicians who utilize this site build their quality fan base with people who like their song enough to purchase it.

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