Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures in Real Time

The ALIPR (pronounced a-lip-er), launched officially on November 1, 2006, is a machine-assisted image tagging and searching service being developed at Penn State by Professors Jia Li and James Z. Wang.

The ALIPR automatic image annotation engine has a vocabulary of 332 English words at the moment. However, thousands of English words can be used to search for pictures. ALIPR version 1.0 is designed for color photographic images.

Ten Reasons to ALIPR your pictures: (tell us about your own thoughts)
Make your pictures visible to the search engine and hence to Web surfers and stock photo agencies;
Let your intelligence be incorporated in ALIPR as she grows up;
It's just fun to see how childish ALIPR can be some times;
See the potential of machine intelligence first hand;
Motivate students to learn about mathematics, science, and information technology;
Support science research through your action;
Demonstrate your creativity with unusual pictures;
Search for, view, and rate other alipred pictures;
Discover the imagination power of ALIPR;
Teach others or learn about certain concepts through pictures.

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ed(uard)o x86 said...

alipr is really a great tool, specially for those who are majoring in the com´puter science related field of study... i'm still not sure if the service will catch on, but it's a great tool, i wish the creators of the engine have some interest on working with students (like me) who are interested in such programming algorithms, because this way of using programming and computers is really interesting and fun. (most people think math and programming just can't be fun, but tools like this show the opposite)