Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bring Your Passwords with You.

PassPack is the only Online Password Manager to merge high security with ease-of-use, putting the average person back in control of his online identity. PassPack is free, anonymous (no email required) and available 24/7 via Internet without installation

Import and Export
It’s your data, do with it what you like.
Backup and Restore
Make and restore encrypted copies of your PassPack entries.
Pack up and Auto-save when inactive
You decide when PassPack locks and if it should auto-save.
Anti-phishing Welcome Message
You pick it, phishers can’t reproduce it (it’s IP filtered).
Tags, search and navigation
Tag your entries, quick search your list, alphabetical order paging.
Know when to save
A big RED button tells you if you need to save or not.
Password Generator
Quickly make and fill in a password in your entry.
Scrambled Password field
Select and copy your passwords while safely hidden from prying eyes.
Go to Button
Copy your password, click to go to the website, then paste. All done.

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