Saturday, March 24, 2007

Creat information system from the RSS feed.

xFruits is a Web 2.0 service. You do not need any specific learning to deal with it.

It is a free online service offering to every user the possibility of:
- Enriching your home
- Enlarging your blog's functionalities
- Creating, generally, your information system from the RSS feed

XFruits makes possible the Mashup RSS creation in a very simple way thanks to the Composer.You can assemble the bricks together so as to build your own feed-based service."xFruiter" service's users are referenced.

xFruits has been thought of as from its origin to be upgradeable and modular, and thus, to allow a developer's community to take part in the project. Our ambition is to create dozens of new bricks!

XFruits is already available in English, French and Spanish version, a Japanese version will be available soon.

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