Thursday, March 29, 2007

Easy way to find out what people think about the street they live in.

StreetAdvisor is the easy way to find out what people REALLY think about the street they live in. It’s a place where people can finally voice their opinions about where they live, have lived or simply visited!

* "If only I knew what my street was like before I bought the house!"
* "I wish there was a way to ask my neighbors a question, but I'm just too busy to see them."
* "I like my house, but my street is so noisy!"

StreetAdvisor was created to solve these and many other problems people have when living in streets or when buying and selling real estate.
The definitive guide to finding the right street.

Through detailed reviews and guidebooks , combined with patent-pending scoring technologies, StreetAdvisor helps bridge the gap that exists about the relevant information at the street level, from neighborly attitudes to noise levels to traffic problems.

Imagine how much easier it would be if you could find out about the street – before you moved in.Everyone's got something to say... and share!

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