Thursday, March 1, 2007

Is Spotplex a Better Digg?

Spotplex provides internet users with real-time ranking of blog articles based on actual impression count.

In other words, you can find what is the hot news today, this week, or this month in real time at Spotplex. This is not a list of articles people recommended or voted for, but a list of articles read most in a given timeframe.

Bloggers can track and analyze their blog traffic with a simple Spotplex code or widget. Not just how many people visit the blog, they can even find which articles people read most and how many people read them. Whenever an article of the blog is read, it will show up at Spotplex in real-time and get noticed by Spotplex users.

1. A blogger inserts a Spotplex code into their blog.
2. Whenever an article in the blog is read, the code reports Spotplex server that the article is read.
3. The article shows up on Spotplex and the view counter reflects the change.

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