Sunday, March 4, 2007 : a first true visual search engine is the first true visual search engine, where the contents of photos are used to search and retrieve similar items. utilizes Likeness Technology™ to create a digital signature that describes the photo's contents and enables a more accurate search for similar looking items and products.

Their initial launch focuses on handbags, jewelry, shoes, and watches - allowing users to search and purchase items from thousands of leading and boutique brands. They will very quickly add clothing and a number of other aesthetically oriented product categories.

Key features of include:

Likeness Search™ - the ability to search by image instead of text;
Like Detail™ - finds items that have a specific feature you like (such as a buckle, straps, bezel, etc);
Like Color™ - find color variants of the item you desire;
Like Celebrity™ - find clothing, shoes and accessories similar to those worn by your favorite celebrities;
Like Upload™ - the ability to upload your own photo of your favorite item and find the same or similar products, coming soon.

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