Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A network of social networks.

Klostu.com, developed by Pidgin Technologies, is a unique new platform which brings together existing disparate message board communities and their members into what is essentially a super social network - a network of social networks.

Klostu provides members of boards (and even blogs) advanced profiles with a growing range of social tools and useful widgets. Klostu profiles appear within the boards and will move seamlessly from one board to another, wherever the user may travel on the boardscape.

Klostu provides an advanced 'ajax desktop' style interface to manage user profiles and social activity including finding friends, comments, instant messaging with jabber, rss reading and sharing, blogging, galleries, videos and more.

While Klostu offers all the social networking and ajax desktop interface features expected today (and more), a key feature which emphasizes the real power of klostu is its function as a platform to bring other web services to the boards. Through klostu, a whole range of 3rd party products can be fully integrated within boards thereby easily extending their reach to millions of people active on the boardscape.

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adeline said...

Social networks have been disturbing hospitality among humans. Social network has changed the social structure of society, especially in terms of modes or how to interact and communicate with each other. Social engineering is a remarkable phenomenon in the world today. Everyone felt a lot of friends, but they actually grew lonely. However, there remains a positive aspect of these social networks. And that depends on the users themselves