Friday, March 16, 2007

A new virtual market place for books.

Bookya is a new virtual market place for books. The characteristic from Bookya is that there is not only a country wide market place. With Bookya there is many local market places, which orient themselves at the universities of the cities in Germany. So, for example, a student knows DOES to Munich its books on Bookya under “DOES Munich” to adjust and can students, more ideally in such a way points from the same university, whom salesmen contact.

Advantage is that one can buy in this way a book, without transport costs develop presupposed, it a delivery date agreed. Further advantage is that perhaps the potential buyer can the condition of the book examine and with the salesman about the price negotiate can. Bookya became of two students, Julian Bez ( and Norman Egli (, develops. Julian studies economical informatics at the professional school for technology and economics Berlin and is at present in the fourth term. Norman is a student of the European marketing and management to the European School OF Business Reutlingen and studied also in the fourth term.

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