Friday, March 16, 2007

A better way of harvesting the web for opinions.

Them squirrels have been very busy gathering up juicy nuggets of opinions. They're searching, crawling, and mining the web for people's opinions and reviews on all kinds of stuff: DVDs, books, music, movies, mustards. Pretty much anything a squirrel would want, you can "summize" it here on

Summize is about a better way of harvesting the web for opinions. We sort through millions of people's opinions on millions of topics every day so you don't have to. And because we don't think you should have to cull through pages and pages of reviews, combing for nuts, we "summize" those opinions as an easy-going, color-coded "snip."

So, next time you're looking for those juicy nuggets and don't want to go squirrely, visit Who ever said that discovering opinions shouldn't be fun and easy?

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